harry potter

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  1. lukeforester1

    The Time-Turner Page

    Hello, my name is Luke. I'm a stickler for screen accuracy (SA) and my all time favorite prop in any movie just so happens to be the time turner, which is unfortunate because no one make an accurate exact replica. The purpose of this thread is to gather every piece of information available about...
  2. Susi

    1:2 Bust WIP: Lucius Malfoy (Harry Potter)

    Hi, I'm a new to the RPF. I'm currently working on a Lucius Malfoy bust, he's my fave character from Harry Potter. This is my first bust sculpt (it's roughly 1:2 scale) , I've only sculpted a few 1:6 scale heads before. It's also my first sculpt in Chavant NSP. *the eyes are...
  3. arivin923

    Harry Potter Battle of Hogwarts

    Hey guys! Finally got my account back up and running (turns out I had a second Spam filter I didn't know about that was blocking my password retrieval). I've finally finished putting together my Hogwarts uniform Harry (pictures soon), and am now looking into putting together his outfit from...
  4. D

    Harry Potter Light Up Wand.

    Hi all, So I a few years ago I bought the The Noble Collection: Harry Potter's Illuminating Wand but I really didn't like the LED tip it had. It was a big white blob at the end of a pretty cool looking wand. So, I ended up popping off the factory LED (there is enough wire to accomplish this)...
  5. K

    Harry Potter Costumers - UK

    Hi peeps, I've seen loads of HP costumers in the USA, but there seems to be less over here in the UK. As a result I thought it would be interesting to stick a post up to see if there were any here on the RPF boards. It would be good to get an idea of the size of the UK HP costuming community...
  6. Hinkypunk

    Harry Potter free paper props - all movies and more!

    Hello Harry Potter fans-- Due to the large amount of graphics I have been doing and the disorganization of the threads we have been posting on, I decided to organize all of my items onto one thread. Recently Updated: The front page of this thread is getting completely revamped from text...
  7. ATL Kenobi

    Deluminator from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

    Here's my attempt at making a working Deluminator from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I had to work with parts I could find, so it's not exactly a perfect replica. Been working on this since mid-December and it's still a work-in-progress. I have to machine (route) a slot in the...
  8. alienscollection.com

    Harry Potter prop video

    ‘Harry Potter’ countdown: VIDEO – Tom Felton gives us a tour of Hogwarts props | Hero Complex – Los Angeles Times
  9. Robert412

    Death Eater costume help... And then build.

    I was wondering if anyone has any screenshots of deatheater footwear? I'm leaning more towards OotP, but GoF pics are just as welcome! Also, any deatheater screen shots will be helpful in the future, as well, sooo bring 'em on! I plan on building this costume from begining to end, except...
  10. Norbert

    Harry Potter - Artefact Boxes

    Noble is going to put out 3 Artefact Boxes with paper props in side them for $35.00 here is what it says: Harry Potter Artefact Box (Includes: HOGWARTS Acceptance Letter, Sirius Black Wanted Poster, QUIDDITCH World Cup Ticket, Lily Potter Letter to SIRIUS, HOGWARTS Express Luggage Tag, Order...
  11. alienscollection.com

    Harry Potter set tours in 2012

    Hollywood Entertainment Breaking News - Nikki Finke on Deadline.com/hollywood
  12. E

    Harry Potter Props

  13. H

    Wood Harry Potter Wand Replicas_update 10-31-11...

    I'm a new member lurking around drooling at all of the quality props, but more specifically wand replicas. I have been obsessed/addicted to finding as much info on the different characters wands as possible. I wanted a wand that felt like how I imagined they would be when reading the...
  14. D

    Newbies collection

    Hello guys. Im new here so be gentle. Here' a few pics of some of the screen used props in my collection Harry potter Chamber of secrets prop Guilderoy lockhart book StarGate SG1 season 9 carved box & parchment of virtue StarGate SG1 Sodan warrior staff weapon Close Encounters...
  15. Henriko2

    Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

    Well, post whatever you have : ) I'm currently working on the Marauders Map, I tought about buying the Noble one, but shipping charges are way too high overseas to Europe. Here's what I've got so far. If anyone got something else or would like to help me with the map, please chime in :) I'll...
  16. O

    Harry Potter Screen used props and wardrobe

    I know a guy who has some real screen used stuff from the HP films. I don't think there is anything under $2k. If you are seriously interested please let me know. thanks Shannon
  17. Goldenrod

    Harry Potter Props and costumes

    Come on lets see'em. All i have at the moment is the time turner(longer chain version).

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