harry potter replica

  1. witchcraftbyt

    Unfogging the future fully readable book replica dimensions

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum but need a little help with a Harry Potter project I am working on, so thought I would make a post. I am currently working on a fully readable harry potter replica of the divination book Unfogging the Future (Vol 5 blue version seen briefly in Order of the...
  2. RJN

    Death Eater Mask and Display (Harry Potter)

    I altered a voice changing death eater mask to look more like the original prop from the films. I also wanted something to display it in, so I made myself a display box from a hinged wooden box and a picture frame. I Included some 'Before' photos (They should be at the end).
  3. House Elf

    Looking to buy - Yule Ball Ice Castle Sculpture Replica - Acrylic

    This amazing Yule Ball sculpture was posted by Cherry Wallis (an IG Influencer). Has anyone every made an acrylic replica like this? I would love to buy if anyone knows someone with the skill and talent to produce.
  4. ccc9090

    Mirror of Erised (screen accurate, at least in size) NEED HELP!

    Hello, I am very interested in creating the Mirror of Erised from Harry Potter that is the correct size and as close to screen accurate as I can. I have access to a large CNC, some good laser cutters and engravers and 3d printers. I am hoping to make this with as many sharable files as I can. I...
  5. H


  6. C

    Dumbledore‘s desk/office props

    Hi there! Dumbledore is my favourite character and I‘ve always been fascinated with all the magnificent items in his office. I would particularly love to recreate the top of his desk. If anyone of you had close up photos or even information on the items on there it would be amazing if you‘d post...
  7. H

    Cursed opal necklace

    I have been looking for the official cursed opal necklace for years and years. Unfortunately, there is no where I can find one, and no way I can get one. Please, if anyone own it, and is willing to sell it, do not hesitate to contact me. We can discuss about the price or anything later. In case...