harry potter prop

  1. RJN

    Death Eater Mask and Display (Harry Potter)

    I altered a voice changing death eater mask to look more like the original prop from the films. I also wanted something to display it in, so I made myself a display box from a hinged wooden box and a picture frame. I Included some 'Before' photos (They should be at the end).
  2. House Elf

    Looking to buy - Yule Ball Ice Castle Sculpture Replica - Acrylic

    This amazing Yule Ball sculpture was posted by Cherry Wallis (an IG Influencer). Has anyone every made an acrylic replica like this? I would love to buy if anyone knows someone with the skill and talent to produce.
  3. ccc9090

    Mirror of Erised (screen accurate, at least in size) NEED HELP!

    Hello, I am very interested in creating the Mirror of Erised from Harry Potter that is the correct size and as close to screen accurate as I can. I have access to a large CNC, some good laser cutters and engravers and 3d printers. I am hoping to make this with as many sharable files as I can. I...
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  12. rinoanichole

    advanced potion making pdf??

    Hi!! My best friends birthday is coming up soon and she's the only person I know that's as big of a potterhead as me. She was talking the other day about how she wished Warner Bros sold replicas of books like Advanced Potion making or Hogwarts: A History and I saw that some people made their own...