1. alecsanz

    Yoda's lightsaber

    Hello today I bring you Yoda's lightsaber. More pics here: Yoda's lightsaber
  2. Redd Summers

    Torchwood Hand in Jar replica help (please!)

    Hey all! I'm a complete newbie to making things and I might be jumping right off into the deep end with this but I figured I might as well get the best information I possibly can before even starting. I would LOVE to recreate the iconic "Hand in the Jar" from Torchwood/Doctor Who to go with my...
  3. alecsanz

    Obi-Wan Kenobi's TPM/AOTC lightsaber

    Hello everyone today I bring you a new lightsaber. More pics here: Obi-Wan Kenobi's TPM/AOTC lightsaber
  4. alecsanz

    Ezra Bridger's second lightsaber

    Hi members today I bring you this new lightsaber that I finished yesterday. More pics here: Ezra Bridger's second lightsaber