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  1. B

    Metroid Prime 3 + Halo 4 male cross over suits

    Hello RPF! This is officially my first thread on here, as well as a nice little project that has been getting a lot of positive reinforcement over on the 405th and Facebook as well! Note; All modeling, optimization, mesh repair, and "rigging" done in Google SketchUp 8 Pro and rendered in...
  2. NeonHybrid

    Halo 4 foam armour build

    So this year I plan to attend the London comicon in October. I already have a rather nice Recon helmet due in the next month. My plan is to use foam to put together the armour but I'm not 100% on where to start with the design stage. I have watched enough videos and read a lot of posts on how...
  3. T

    Halo UNSC Army: Armour Refurb

    How do, so this will be my first proper project log, refurbishing a set of Halo armour from the unfortunately aborted fan-film 'Operation: Chastity'. The aim is to make this the basis for a hybrid suit built for a LARP game I play in, so this is that log... Unfortunately I don't know who made...
  4. L05T V1K1N6

    HALO: REACH MA37 ASSAULT RIFLE: finished pics on page 2! [extremely pic heavy]

    Hey guys! This is my first Halo prop thread on the RPF, but far from the first one I've ever made. In fact, Halo props are my specialty! :D My project this time around is the MA37 assault rifle from Reach. So, first things first, I got the blueprints I'm using for this project from...
  5. morkar78

    Master Chief H4 armor and undersuit

    Hi everybody, I'm new in this wonderful site and I'm trying to build my first Halo costume. I've started with the forearm and I'm doing it with paper, at the moment. Obviously, I need thousands of tips and suggestions...First of all: paper or foam? This is the status of the work at the moment:
  6. E

    Halo 4 Master Chief: The Definitive Chief

    Last summer I started putting together a rough idea of creating some of the best halo 4 files and armor from a novice 3D artist / prop maker. Since the announcement trailer release, I've been putting together a library of references with videos and pictures of ingame renders, cinematics...
  7. Kid Master Chief

    Kid Master Chief

    attempt #2 to upload
  8. Master Chief from Halo

    Master Chief from Halo

    My sons foam master chief costume from halo.
  9. Elkman

    Halo ODST helmet WIP

    I'm working with a group of friends in Minnesota making some Halo ODST costumes for next summer's CONvergence convention. We're doing most of the armor from pepakura patterns, and after that, we're planning to make multiple copies, either by vacuforming or by molding and casting them. I...
  10. stitchschaos

    30 Minute Halo LEGO movie released

    After many years in the making and months of waiting a 30 minute halo movie has been made and released. While waiting for the Halo movie to come out (hopefully) something to watch in the meantime. Battle Of The Brick: Built For Combat Video Game, The Movie | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos...
  11. A

    Four Foot UNSC Frigate

    *This will be my first thread after having joined the RPF* Over the next two months i will be constructing a (hopefully) accurate model of a UNSC Frigate, from the Halo franchise. It will be in 1:380th scale measuring 50 inches long, 14 inches high, and 16 inches wide. I'll be using...
  12. joeranger

    $600 Halo Masterchief costume online

    I saw that there are now commercial Halo 3 MC suits on ebay and online retailers. Has anyone seen these up close? Would they be a good base to add too? Halo 3 Master Chief Supreme Adult Costume in Costumes Men's Costumes TV & Movie Costumes
  13. C

    Halo Reach Noble Six inpired costume for 10yr old (Pic Heavy)

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking for a long time and recently joined. I am currently working on a Halo Reach Noble Six inspired Spartan costume for my 10yr old son for Halloween. I am building it from scratch from cardboard, hot glue, and bondo. So far I have the top half done and the bottom...
  14. C

    Halo Energy Sword and Spartan (Pic Heavy)

    EDIT: This started out as a costume thread posted in the wrong section but since I am building the energy sword I am going to leave it here and update the sword here. Last night I got the request to build an energy sword. After thinking there would be no way I could get it done, I got to work...
  15. O

    Halo Youth Costume

    Built this for my 6 y/o nephew last year for Halloween. He ended up going through a growth spurt, so I had to scrap the original peps/measurements I had taken in September and start over on Oct 10th to have it done by the 28th for a party... no rush or anything :eek The red is the original...
  16. W

    Halo Reach Halseys Journal

    Before I spend ages scanning and taking reference pictures, I want to see if there is any interest in Halseys Journal that came with Halo Reach. It'd be a cool prop to go with a Halo display as is what I intend to do with it. So if this gets a decent amount of interest I'll get the pictures done.
  17. Matthew Mullen

    Halo Combat Evolved - Mk5 Spartan Mjolnir Armor

    Here is a suit I made back in the Summer of 2009. It has gone through a couple modifications to the nylon straps and also paint jobs and what not. If anyone has any questions on how to go about with using Pepakura, Fiberglass Resin, Fiberglass Material, Bondo, Dremel Tools for Details, and...
  18. Gamemaster

    Halo 3 Shotgun Replica Prop

    Here is a replica Halo 3 Shotgun made from foam floor mats. It is very light and great for photoshoots. I am making a second replica and have made some design improvements, as well as putting LEDs in the sights. It is almost ready for paint. In Halo it pays to have a doctorate in shotgun surgery.
  19. S

    rambo knife

    i was searching on the internet look at rambo knives and their price range is over 100 dollars does anybody have any tutorials or old props they made and have the blue prints for. if you do that would be super helpful this is my first forum
  20. P

    halo M6C/SOCOM build

    heres is a M6C/SOCOM i made a while back it was built from wood and then was molded and cast. it has alot off moving parts and it also has a flashlight and a red laser. its about 15 inches long and about 10 inches tall.everything is held together with two hexbolts and one screw this allows for...
  21. Jediguy

    HALO ODST M6C SOCOM pistol props

    Hey guys, I just finished repairing one (back broken) and assembling and painting up the other 2 today. They were fully functional but due to their base material(resin) , they don't hold up very well to use. So I put in a brass rod for reinforcement and filled the bodies with resin for weight...
  22. Gamemaster

    Halo Master Chief MKVI Foam Prop Armor

    Hello everyone, I found this site while "surfing" and figured since I've made a costume prop I might as well say hi and post a few pictures. This costume is made from 10mm foam flooring, you can find all the details through the links in my sig A little "Darth Chief" humor The helm...
  23. C

    Master Chief Gear - Paintball Style

    This is one of my areas where I've sacrificed details for functionality and practicality. However, I am happy with the results. My helmet, which has gone through a history of variations, from steel to fiberglass, is finally to the point where I am pleased enough to set the project aside. My...
  24. P

    halo flame bomb / flame grenade wip UPDATE 06/04/11

    way back i after making my frag grenade i started on this flame grenade at first i was planning on going with pep so i did my own 3d model and imported it into pepakura and unfolded any everything. i glued it together and resined it but then i started with my M6C/SOCOM and i put it aside. then i...
  25. P

    halo frag grenade

    Here is my frag grenade that i made a while back.its made with a 3 inch styrofoam ball. Its total height all most is almost 4-1/4". This frag is also going be in the halo fan film Operation Chastity in the U.K. Here are some progress pics and a couple completed pics. hope you like it

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