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  1. ThePinkPanther

    WHat to use on pepakura

    So I've put together the Pepakura map for a Halo 4 helmet. Now i need to know what resin/other material to paint over it and layer up with. A friend of mine has suggested Polyester Laminating Resin but i want some other peoples opinions. The helmet will be worn and once i get around to it, it...
  2. rgriesbeck

    Interest Halo M6G - 3D Printed kit

    Hey all, Time to see if there's interest for our next idea, a 3D printed kit of the Halo M6G! This would be like our other kits (look me up if you haven't seen our other stuff). It would include a removable clip, movable trigger, and probably have some options like the top mounted camera and...
  3. R

    Redshirt98's Halo Spartan Laser Airsoft Weapon

    Four years ago I set out to build a Halo 3 Spartan Laser airsoft replica. I wanted it to be as accurate as possible in every way and be the airsoft equivalent of the in-game weapon. That meant lots of BBs. I settled on a design that was of full metal and fiberglass construction using three...
  4. smick6

    Magnetized Halo reach magnum.

    Been working on this for a bit. Magnets installed in the Reach symbol that screws to a wall and in the Magnum. Got a few leds in the symbol as well. Thought it would be a great way to display it and possibly useful if magnets were installed in a suit. Used mdf for the symbol but will probably...
  5. B

    bfs95 Halo 4 master chief WIP *First Build*

    Hey rpf, i have been lurking around on the forums, and i have decided to start my first build. I have started my build already, and here are my current progress pics. I hope you guys enjoy, i will post as often as i can. I have started my helmet bondo phase, and i am in the process of casting my...
  6. TheLonelyDwarf

    Halo Reach Carter Armor

    As you can tell by the title this is my Halo Carter Armor build. Im building this for NYCC in october. As some may know i have another unfinished build of the Erebor Dwarf armor. If you haven't yet noticed i will not be working on that project until i finish this one which should be sometime in...
  7. E

    My HALO 4 completed projects photo "dumping ground"

    Hello all whom have meandered upon my thread! I intend for this to be a posting of my completed projects. Specifically, they are HALO 4 in nature, but I can not say I will not stray from that genre as I may post a few pictures here and there of other pieces I have done since starting back in...
  8. Loess

    Real Steel Halo MA5C Rifle

    For the last year or so, I've been working on combining my job as a CAD worker, my engineering degree, and some gunsmithing experience to do something very awesome. I'm going to build a real-steel, live firing MA5C. I have been staying at the office after hours, and spending lunch breaks...
  9. M

    Scaling Problem

    I have recently constructed a Spartan 3 armour suit from pepakura, theres just one problem, its too big. I dont have the full version, and i dont want to buy it just to scale something. The torso (405th.com - Redirecting to Login Page) demensions are 426mm(hight) 610mm(width) and 481mm(depth)...
  10. Finbarr

    Halo EVA helmet

    Hello there. My name is Finbarr. I am working on building a Halo EVA Airsoft helmet. But i am not sure how to go about doing it. After doing a fair bit of research i decided that trying to do the typical Pepekura bondo resin build is out of the question because it would not provide the needed...
  11. S

    Halo 4 Scout scratch build / first one ever built

    This was a project I did last year but never posted it up here. Last year I wanted a costume that was unique to go along with the Halo theme. I started off with some reference pics from the game and here's what I threw together. I'll add some build pics as well but there doesn't seem to be...
  12. Ahuizotl

    Halo Reach - Custom Mjolnir Mk. VI

    After realising most people with armour at October's MCM London expo were RPF users, I finally decided to create an account. Most of my work in progress threads are on the 405th, but my photobucket albums also contain all the photos. Here are the clearest complete images of my pepakura Reach...
  13. C

    halo life size worthog

    hello im a new member, has any one thought about trying to make a halo worthog life size my thought was to take a geo tracker and up scaling the pep files and make the out side of the tracker look like a worthog all you would have to do is take the metals off like finders hood etc... and...
  14. thorssoli

    Thorssoli's Halo 4 Weapon Builds

    The other day I started work on the Sticky Detonator. I started by slicing up the 3D model and feeding it to Lopez, my Craftsman Carvewright CNC machine. Here's what came out: After some quick assembly and another part made by Jarvis (my 3D printer) here's what I had: Here's the three...
  15. Halo 4 Master Chief - PartsandKrafts

    Halo 4 Master Chief - PartsandKrafts

  16. PartsandKrafts

    Halo 4 Master Chief Foam Build

    Halo 4 Master Chief Costume This year I built a Master Chief Costume from Halo 4. The suit is made almost entirely out of foam flooring mats and craft foam. I originally intended to use modified Pepakura files for the build, but I started way too late so I ended up building from...
  17. Halo 4 Master Chief and Warrior 2013 Halloween Costume Contest Entry-1

    Halo 4 Master Chief and Warrior 2013 Halloween Costume Contest Entry-1


    Definitive Halo helmet PEP files?

    I was looking to build my first ever Halo helmet and I was wondering if there was one set of files that was "THE" one to build. Due to accuracy or ease of use. Thanks
  19. J

    Halo 4 masterchief costume. need help!

    Hi, my name is Johnny Leech and this is my first post. I am fifteen years old and a near beginner in the world of prop making. I am for my first costume build hoping to create an aesthetically accurate masterchief suit out of EVA foam. I was wondering if anyone out there had any templates for...
  20. Abe Winter


    Just finished putting my first pepakura helmet together.
  21. O

    Halo 3 turret

    Hey all!! This is my first weapon replica build that has moving parts and some electronics in it, but I wanna upgrade to include sound effects too! Currently the barrel spins when a small button in the rear handle is pressed, but I want to add a stand alone system on a seperate switch...
  22. Dirtsen

    My Halo Helmets - Soldier and Recon

    In between my Iron Man Helmets I wanted to work on something different. I have always been a huge Halo Fan and the Master Chief armor was the reason i got into Pepakura to begin with. Playing Halo 4 online, I have grown pretty fond of the Spartan IV Soldier Helmet. I looked around and found a...
  23. Darth Reivax

    Halo 4 inspired TAR-21 "Noble 6" Paint Job

    I love painting my rifles and this is a new one I absolutely love. This particular job took 8.5 hours. Let me know what you think.
  24. S

    Need help with pepakura models and unfolds

    Hi I was wondering if anyone that is good with 3d modeling help me out by making me some tester files and unfolding them as well. I really need them ASAP so please pm me.
  25. P

    WIP: HALO 4 Librarian Helmet Sculpt

    Hey Guys and gals, I wanted to post my latest work. For several months off/on I have been working on a Helmet Sculpt for the Librarian from Halo 4. I was luckily sent some better reference photos from a friend at 343i. This was actually the first time I've sculpted anything on a head. I've...

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