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  1. E

    my combat evolved master chief costume

    hello guys, i am eliott from mexico, i made this master chief, combat evolved costume in three months, its made out of cardstock, vinyl, led lighting and a motorcycle visor, darken green color effect is made in spray paint xD HERE is the full album...
  2. GreY2231

    Electronic help

    I need some help. i need to build a circuit with a motor. it needs to spin a certain distance then stop on each button press. kinda like windshield wipers, regardless of when you turn it off they return to the start position but once you hit the button again it repeats. I'm building a Halo 3...
  3. QEProps

    Halo 4 SRS99 Anti-Material Rifle

    Hello again fellow makers, collectors, and enthusiasts! I want to share the build process for my full-scale Halo 4 sniper rifle that I put together over the last couple months. My customer wanted a full-size replica that had a removable magazine and a working charging handle. Full-size for...
  4. Jake Kassnoff

    Halo Spiker

    Built this out of EVA foam. It was the first prop that I actually sealed before painting.
  5. T

    using a laser cutter and sheet plastic instead of paper/card when using pepakure

    Basically i am new to this, decided i wanted to make an entire halo costume but am going to start with just the helmet. I have no doubt that I would be capable of making a pepakura helmet with paper or card but i want to go one step further with this. I have access to a laser cutter and an...
  6. anakin69

    Master Chief first build for my son 2015 Halloween Costume Contest

    Hi all, I know most of you are seasoned builders and will spot in-numerous flaws, faults and issues with my build. In my defence this is a first time build of a full suit as requested by my 15 year old. He has a party on Halloween and asked if I could do him an outfit. Giving me two choices, Big...
  7. Master Chief from Halo3 game

    Master Chief from Halo3 game

  8. Master Chief from Halo3 game

    Master Chief from Halo3 game

  9. Master Chief from Halo3 game

    Master Chief from Halo3 game

  10. ChrisThePropGuy

    Halo Reach MA37 Assault Rifle Repilca Build

    Hey Guys, I'm building a halo reach assault rifle at the moment and thought I should share the work I have done with you guys. I've had this project going for a while now but decided to get right back into it and actually finish something for once. I've used mostly MDF and have regretted that...
  11. SKS Props

    Destiny Hunter Mask Celestial Nighthawk SKS Props

    Starting a new hunter thread for my latest mask the Destiny Hunter Celestial Nighthawk. I wanted to make this one so bad that I took this commission even before the official name for the mask was released. This mask should be a little easier to build because I get to use my past helmets as a...
  12. dbsamurai

    Pure insanity

    So I had an interesting day today...people on reddit doubted me. As such I've decided to undertake a frankly ludicrous task in an absurdly short timeframe. Primary objectives: Complete fabrication of a Halo Elite (7' 6" tall) with energy sword and plasma rifle Complete fabrication of a Halo...
  13. Bogleo

    My Pepakura projects-Added pictures

    Hi everyone, A while ago I made a pepakura helmet for my Iron man mark 7 build, but it stayed in card stock form. Well now that I am going to make more helmets, I finished it and added the supports to use it as a test for resin, because I have never used resin or fiberglass before. I also...
  14. B

    Whats under your suit?

    I've looked around this site for a while, and I haven't seen the answers to some pressing questions I have regarding a pep Ironman suit I have been working on. Namely, how do *you* attach your suit to your body? What do you do for feet? I have worn medieval style armor, which essentially hangs...
  15. Ahuizotl

    Wooden SRS99-AM (Halo Reach Sniper Rifle)

    Cross post from my 405th thread, all previous posts can be seen on the original thread: Here Progress so far: There's enough friction from the two rods on the rifle butt to avoid needing to drill locking pins which will save a bit of time. I'm currently working on engraving the cosmetic...
  16. RoyalN9ne

    Need Help! Pepakura Tools

    Hi guys I'm new to this whole pepakura thing. I've printed off the files for a halo energy sword on to cardstock paper and I am wondering if anybody uses tools of some sort to help with the folds. Any help is appreciated.
  17. dbsamurai

    Vacuum Formin' Stuff

    So I made a new spartan suit: (pretty sure it's ok to post that since it's been 2 months since they were supposed to announce winners for the chipotle and iheartradio costume contests and never did...) And to go with this new suit there's a lot of work that needs to be done. In fact, barring...
  18. BLACKULA727

    Halo 4 Spartan Flood form

    So…I started this sculpt a long time ago and finallyfinished it during September of 2014. Cheese! Thanks for viewing! -Tony
  19. R

    (Pic heavy) Destiny Arcus Regime gun Build

    Hey Guy's!!! new member here! just started on my Arcus Regime and thought i would join this group and show my progress!! i am thinking of moulding and casting this gun so if any one is wanting to buy a cast let me know because as of so far im not sure if ill be moulding it but if enough people...
  20. TimSnowman

    Halo Fan Film Props

    Hey there RPF! I'm currently working on a Halo fan film and I figured I would put my pre-production prop work up here. The story of the fan film is more of a political/civilian story, so there aren't any armor-clad characters to work with, making the prop work a bit more lax. But even though the...
  21. S

    Jun halo build RPF 2014 Halloween Costume Contest

    hey there my names jeff and i wanted to post my halo reach jun build, i just got into armor making after my son talked me into it it took us a few weeks but i think they are looking pretty good for for two people that had to watch youtube videos to figure it out haha. I was going to enter in the...
  22. StrykerVenom

    Stryker Venoms 2014 Halloween Costume Contest Entry!

    i just started making my outfit a few weeks before Halloween so this will also serve as my build thread! i went ahead and decided to make some replica halo armor this year because ive seen a ton of the 405th work and i really liked it after tinkering around with pepakura for a week or so trying...
  23. rvb18

    HALO Ghosts of Onyx: Semi Powered Infiltration armor (SPI) FINISHED

    hey guys i made this a while back and never really posted it. the visor was made by Stony Props group and was a prototype to the gold tinting method. below are some WIP pics but mostly finished product and some references
  24. kid's Halo Elite Ultra

    kid's Halo Elite Ultra

  25. M

    Children's Master Chief Build

    It time for Halloween again and time for another costume build for the boy. Early in the year he requested to be a character from Minecraft. I do enjoy that game but had a better Idea for him. I have always loved Halo and think that the character Master Chief would make a great costume for a...

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