1. Ghostbusters 2 Charcoal Gray Uniform

    Ghostbusters 2 Charcoal Gray Uniform

    Norse Iron Man's Halloween Costume Contest Entry About the Costume: This is the gray uniform variant as seen in Ghostbusters 2. Wanna see more? ---Build thread here---
  2. Madcap

    I ain't afraid of no ghosts.... sometimes.

    After many years of not doing much for Halloween, aside from a cheap pirate or Groucho Marx, I decided this year I would make a costume I've always wanted; Ghostbuster. I still have a lot of work to do on it to make it more accurate. Elbow pads need some trimming down and painting, goggles...
  3. M

    Boney Island in Studio City

    I was very impressed with a yard display called BONEY ISLAND in Studio City in Southern California. Created by the producer of the Simpsons, he used a variety of plastic skeletons hooked up to a range of motorized animatronics. They synced up both their gooly water display and lighted pumpkins...
  4. G

    Kilt costume ideas

    I am so glad I found this site! I plan on making something Iron man related in future for cons and what not, but right now I'm just trying to get a halloween costume. Back story, I just finished a year deployment to Egypt and have been detained at Fort Lewis for an injury I received in country...
  5. WhoKnows8701

    Last Minute Green Lantern Costume

    So I am looking to make this costume for Halloween. Yeah, I know, last minute. Was wondering if u guys had any last minute suggestions on how I can make this suit with such little time before Halloween.
  6. AnthonyStark

    Iron Man Mark VI WIP - polyethylene and rivets - solo build by a 13 year old

    So, this started as me wanting to make just an Iron Man helmet. But then summer came up, and I thought, "Why not build the entire Mark 6 suit during the summer? I mean I've got all this free time so, I'll spend it doing what I love to do!" It seemed extremely daunting at first, trying on this...
  7. S

    Agent 47: Hitman Halloween 2009 Costume.

    Inspired by another thread: http://www.therpf.com/f24/deadpool-showoff-69035/ I wanted to share my last costume build as a (portly) Agent 47 from the Hitman game series. The movie was popular in Korea around 2009, and I had the suit, so why not? In front of the bar having the costume contest...
  8. D

    My Halloween Collection

    I snapped a few updated shots of my Halloween/Halloween 2 collection since the big day is closing in. The masks on the top shelf are all replicas and the white horse is just the same model as the one used in H2 but the rest of the props, costumes and paper mache masks are screen used. I threw...
  9. D

    Hero Metal H1/H2 Knife

    This is one of the hero knives used by Tyler Mane in Halloween as Michael Myers. It was also used By Tyler as Michael Myers in the opening hospital nightmare scene in Halloween 2. It appears on the movie poster and DVD cover of Halloween 2 Here's a shot of it with my other screen used...
  10. D

    Sheri Moon Zombie's Hero Jacket and Shirt From Halloween

    I've been watching this item for years now as it made its way from store to collector to store and finally now to me. I've always wanted it since its from the same scene as my very first screen used wardrobe piece. Now I have a matching set of wardrobe pieces that are very unique in a couple...
  11. D

    Halloween Prop Dead Animal Polaroids

    I want to be clear that these are not real animals in the following pictures. They are screen used prop photographs and everything depicted in them is fake. Now here are some of the pictures that the prop department made for the scene in Halloween when the principal shows Micheal's mother...
  12. D

    Halloween 2 Hero Metal Knife and Axe

    This is 1 of 5 hero metal knives made for the film by Tony Swatton. Rob and Tyler each have 1 then theres one for sale at the prop store of london and the other one was recently sold in the Texas Frightmare Weekend auction. This is the only Metal Hero axe from H2. It was used by Tyler to tear...
  13. D

    Michael Myers' Knives

    Right to left here are the knife thats stuck in Michael's face at the end of the theatrical cut of H2, the rubber knife from H2 for when the actors are close and the cut off knife from the killing of Bob in H1 from the shot taken over Michael's shoulder
  14. D

    Happy Halloween!!!!!!

    Heres all of my Halloween and H2 screen used props/wardrobe in 1 shot. The latex masks and clown masks are replicas. The mask on the screen used hostel 2 costume is just a random mask I put on because the mannequin was staring at me lol. I'm going to post some threads in the future with closer...
  15. D

    halloween h20 stunt mask KNB FX version

    Hi finally got my long awaited H20 stunt myers mask made by KNB FX<with outstanding hair !!!! enjoy pics !!! d.
  16. D

    New here... Hello everybody

    Here are my Michael Myers screen used paper mache masks from Rob Zombies Halloween
  17. KnightAsylum

    H2 screen used mask, knife & book

    I was on a trip to LA over the holiday weekend and was staying with Tyler, Renae (who had a small part in the film as Deputy Gwynne) and the kids. I could not resist taking some shots of his mask, knife and the new book. The book shots did not turn out well, I took some insides because this...
  18. KnightAsylum

    Halloween 2007 screen-used masks

    I was staying the weekend at Tyler's house a few weeks ago and he was showing me a display someone gave him to put his Halloween masks and knife in. Although the regular mask actually needs a full fake head underneath it to sit better (like the "Pumpkin" mask does) it was really a nice gift and...
  19. KnightAsylum

    Halloween (new) screen used prop

    I don't normally own any screen used props as they tend to be out of my price range. but this last week I was in LA getting some things out of storage and while I was in town I was staying with Tyler Mane (and his family) He had all sorts of great props from the new Rob Zombie Halloween flick...