1. Mitcheg1's Master Chief

    Mitcheg1's Master Chief

    Master Chief Costume I built for my son's Halloween costume!
  2. Gearhead

    Arkham City Robin- Five days until Halloween! (UPDATED)

    Hello again, RPF. Long time, no see! The Halloween season is once again upon us, and this usually means that I am stirred from my yearlong costume hibernation and try to put something together before the big day. I always try to dress up to give the kids something to look at when I'm handing out...
  3. akootbascomb's Scarecrow

    akootbascomb's Scarecrow

    The good doctor's best attempts at being "festive"...
  4. Joker Laugh- Werewolf

    Joker Laugh- Werewolf

  5. J

    Want to Buy WTB: Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Cobra Kai, or Waldo costumes

    I'll take any of these. I need to get them ASAP. Hit me up!
  6. Kialna - Smaug the Magnificent

    Kialna - Smaug the Magnificent

    Unfortunately a twisted wing happened because someone backstage didn't see it while helping me, and I can't see it because of the head...
  7. M

    My SubZero Mask HELP Question

    Here is my first attempt at the SubZero MK mask made from the pepakura file, I actually did Noob and Subzero which came out decent for the first attempt. Also another quick question. My girl wants to be frost and Im having trouble finding a pep mask sooooo, what Im attempting or wanting to...
  8. T

    Buzz Lightyear & Woody for Halloween (kid size), first time build!

    I'm very new to this degree of costume making. My previous costumes consisted of sewing combined with store bought props This is what i made last year the night before we needed them. I know the light sabers are the wrong colors but that's all i could find :/ Well this year I've got at better...
  9. Horrorfanatic66

    My Michael Myers Buried 2 Mask

    Thought I would make a thread on this masterpiece My quick thoughts on the buried 2? Since myn arrived a few days ago. Its a great mask, does it need to be seen in person to get the true feel of how great the mask is? no, in my view I do not see it that way, has plenty of taken detailed vids...
  10. W

    Baby Groot Costume - WIP

    Decided to try my hand at making a Baby Groot costume for Halloween. Yes, I'm starting now because it takes me that long to get stuff done. :$ I'm still in the very beginning stages, but I figured that if I post progress here, it will keep me honest in devoting time to it around my other...
  11. Horrorfanatic66

    Halloween 2 (2009) H2 Hobo Myers

    My complete Halloween 2 (2009) H2 costume, my only costume that is fully complete. Waiting on my remake kitchen knife and H2 White Satin mask, which will complete both of my Remake Costume, and H2 Dream Sequence costumes. Has for the Hobo Costume, it came out brilliantly, the Dark Half really...
  12. C

    installing speakers into Baseball Umpire's chest plate

    I'm trying to put speakers into this chest plate that I will buy (I haven't seen it in person yet) to make a Halloween costume. Only question is: Is it lake impossible to cut through Polyethylene material in the chest plate, or will a drill and a saw make quick work of it? I want to be able to...
  13. sweartoeric

    My smallish collection/ home office

    Hey guys, here are some pictures of my home office. I thought it would be a good idea to start cataloging my collection. I'm very much into finding cheaper items and improving on them, and much of my displayed collection falls into that category. I hope you enjoy! Spider-Man suit: "2nd Skin"...
  14. Little Men Of Steel

    Little Men Of Steel

    Custom Man Of Steel suits for my sons
  15. S

    ScarletSpeedstr's 2013 Halloween Costume Contest Entry - Mr. Freeze 'New 52'

    This is the first 'real' costume I've ever created and shared. The vest and helmet mount are made from foam, as are the accent pieces and trapezoid chest piece. The dome is an XL plant cloche that I ordered from California. The thermometer gauge is from a pet store, and a few of the other...
  16. Crema-Pyro (Team Fortress 2)

    Crema-Pyro (Team Fortress 2)

    RED Pyro from Team Fortress 2. Some light editing and vignetting applied to the photo. This photo has no manipulation! *Please see the larger image!
  17. 'Thor: The Dark World' Costume; 6 finger wizard

    'Thor: The Dark World' Costume; 6 finger wizard

  18. 6 finger wizard

    6 finger wizard's 2013 Halloween Costume Contest Entry

    I decided to build a Thor costume from the new movie 'Thor: the dark world' Its mostly made from vinyl glued over craft foam with gessoed chip-board and air dried clay for the metal bits Im pretty proud of how it turned out, i feel i gathered enough reference for it to be pretty accurate...
  19. mitcheg1


  20. J

    Jesssmith's 2013 Halloween Costume Contest Entry

    Hi everyone! New member here, this is my first contest entry. I wanted to make a latex mask of Disney's the Beast from the film Beauty and the Beast, and from there decided it would be fun to combine Belle's ball-gown with the Beast. I've worked once before with latex, but never made a latex...
  21. Crazy Harry from the Mupppet

    Crazy Harry from the Mupppet

    motorized Crazy Harry head and costume with Confetti Cannon TNT plunger
  22. Simon Bowers

    Simon Bowers

    Thanks for looking, please see my thread to see my first attempt being made! Simon http://www.therpf.com/f24/simon-bowers-2013-halloween-costume-contest-entry-197544/#post3094405
  23. tylerswim23


  24. Eveningarwen

    EveningArwen's Daughter Halloween Costume Contest Entry 2013

    So I need to do this real quick for my daughter as she is not even 1 years old yet and is unable to type for herself. Well she could but it would look like mslerewohnnlsdf , v0trlrewm ........not much different from some typing and spelling nowadays I know but still difficult to read. So her...
  25. JcM528491

    JcM528491's 2013 Halloween Costume Contest Wolverine

    Hey, I'm not necessarily new here, but this is my first thread that I have made, and also this is my first time making a costume, so please, bear with me. I will answer any questions that you have about my skill level, my costume, if I'm available for dates with you cosplay ladies out there...