half life 2


    [HELP] Advice needed for AR2 reload movement

    Hi All I'm back hoping to pick your brains once again, this time I am trying to mimic the AR2 shell reload movement in real life This is how the shell moves when you hit reload (0:03 - 0:05): And this is what I have so far: Getting the shell to the barrel should not be an issue as I can...

    [HELP] How to amplify a linear motion?

    Hey RPF I come for help, but first off here is a video of the assembly I am trying to make I am working on a firing pin assembly for a cosplay rifle (AR2 from Half-Life 2) and have found a bit of a problem with my design. In the game the firing pin moves horizontally like this: Currently I...
  3. Utri

    Half-Life 2 Metrocop, been planning this one. [PIC HEAVY]

    Hey all, short introduction. I've always wanted to do a Metrocop build. Been a dream build of mine for a few years. I periodically check here for any new builds, most recent being made by since banned member msleeper. It was a decent build, no doubt. I have pored over the various builds. There...