guy manuel

  1. fluentkopimist

    Rebuilding the archive of Daft Punk files after the fall of thedaftclub

    As many of you already know, daft punk announced their retirement from music this year, with that came the closing of thedaftclub which contained a nice community of makers, creating daft punk replica costumes. To the best of my knowledge there was a dropbox link containing all of their pepacura...
  2. Jake Kassnoff

    Daft Punk Helmet

    Guy Manuel:
  3. MR_Adrian

    3D Printed Daft Punk Helmet Replica (Guy)

    So I decided to embark on the journey of building my own daft punk helmet, and with the availability of 3D printing, it'd be a shame not to. The file I am using is from HERE. I just got an Alfawise U10 so I got everything printed out rather quickly, then I assembled the helmet. This is where I...