1. Evilhat3e

    Live fire aliens m41a pulse rifle

    Well I've got all the parts I need and the fitting has begun. One of the things I'm stumped on is how the hcg aluminum shroud should be secured. I know it clam shells around the thompson but I want it to be more secure. Did they add anything to the movie thompsons to make the shrouds fit...
  2. Lykle

    Characteristics of an iconic weapon

    For a movie, I am tasked to design and make the weapons. Most of the weapons are relatively standard, but the laws here in Cyprus do not allow Airsoft or metal replica's. So I am making guns that actually cycle and will spit out a casing, but all made from plastic. Like a Beretta and a Corner...
  3. DevilPool

    Resin Swords and Resin Two Tone Guns

    Greetings and salutations one and all. DevilPool here, and I joined this community only today honestly to seek out some information from people who might be able to answer me, as google lead me here and can't help worth a damn. My question is about resin weapons and UK law. Now I am from the...
  4. Galaxy

    Beretta M9A1 Slide Markings Font

    Stumbled across this forum coming from this thread and I wasn't sure on the rules of reviving old threads on this forum so that's why I opened a new one. I own a Beretta M9A1 replica without markings which I want to engrave as perfect as possible. Following this thread and having done some...
  5. StatuesFigsMore

    Narin 2 Guns Cleaner Wolf Predator Statue

    Review video of my Narin 2 Guns Cleaner Wolf Predator Statue Hope you enjoy the video and feel free to comment or give feedback or suggestions. ENJOY!