1. gpalkaline

    LOST- Charlie Pace acoustic guitar Stickers

    Hi All, I would like to try to replicate Charlie pace guitar from LOST TV series, but I cannot find any information about make/model, but most importantly stickers which are on the guitar. I have tried to find something similar in google images but it is just impossible. Is there any chance that...
  2. Scapey

    New article about Doof Warrior's guitar from Mad Max : Fury Road

    Some excellent photos and information on the build! Looks like the part at the side that I thought was part of a seat is in fact a cut-up cymbal, that's had a rim added to it for safety purposes :)...
  3. DaBuild

    GUITAR from COCO! Full build video, blueprint and decals.

    Hello everyone, This is my latest build. The guitar from the movie COCO! Enjoy and, REMEMBER MEEEEEEEEEE! :) Cheers! Dan
  4. DaBuild

    New project: The guitar from Coco!

    Hello, Here's the beginning of my new project. The Guitar from Pixar's movie Coco! :) Template done. The rest? You'll see when I'll be done. Cheers!