green goblin

  1. Obesedtofit

    2009 airing of Spider-Man 3 from the FX channel

    We are looking for the FX channel 2009 airing of Spider-Man 3. It has extended scenes from the film that has a deleted character called Dr Wallace. He is interacting with sandman. We are trying to find it and restore it. The scene goes like this Dr Wallace is in his lab when sandman appears and...
  2. PhantomForge

    Green Goblin Pumpkin Bomb Build (2002, 2021)

    Hello all! My goal in this thread is to recreate the pumpkin bomb from 2002's Spider-Man, and with some tweaks the prop from No Way Home as well, that actually lights up, flashes, and makes sound. Obtaining an accurate Green Goblin Pumpkin Bomb replica that actually lights up has been a...
  3. johnnyhungus

    Movie accurate Green Goblin Helmet paint

    I will be getting a Raimi Green Goblin helmet soon and am in need of some help sourcing the right paint for the job. Can anybody point me in the direction of the colour-shifting paint that is as close as possible to the movie version please? Would the paint need a black base coat? I live in...
  4. UtanteV27

    Willem Dafoe GREEN GOBLIN HELMET on the cheap by Rehauling an Xcoser Helmet!

    Hey Everyone! I have spent alot of time looking into Raimi Goblin Helmet replicas and, there's not many option, you can buy a $300 3d printer and a $30 stl file, you can spend a Thousand on an etsy one, most being slightly inaccurate, or, you can spend 80 bucks on an old Xcoser goblin mask and...
  5. PhantomForge

    Pumpkin bomb replica: Cast from production prop, or recast fan sculpt?

    Hello everyone! I was hoping someone could help me identify/confirm the origin of this prop replica. This is something I've been meaning to try to learn more about for years but never got around to it— YEARS ago when I was dumb and hardly did any backtracking/research into what I was buying...
  6. CrossfireProps

    Green Goblin Pumpkin Bomb References

    I'm sure with the release of the No Way Home trailer yesterday (finally), many people are now looking to make some Pumpkin Bombs much like myself. I figured I'd start this thread to share references of the prop as the new version is nearly identical to the 2002 version. Here is what I have...