1. Dart

    Hunting for this piece, sharp eyes requested

    Hi folks! I'm looking for a model piece and was hoping someone here might have some ideas on what it actually is. Here's the best image I could find of it: I know this is made of 2 different kit parts and I already have the bottom, square bit (from a Tamiya Harley kit). It's the top bit that...
  2. mugatu

    Done / Completed ENDED: Unimax Fail Safe Switch Insert for BOBA FETT ESB EE-3 Stock Greeblie: ENDED

    (image forwarded by the manufacturer, but originally sent to them by a Fetthead. A single order is for one (1) unit. to complete an ESB EE-3 Carbine, you will need to place an order for two pieces.) Hello. I will add photos and more info later but since I was contacted just now, and the window...