gravity falls

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  1. R

    Want to Buy Special Request to our daughter from Santa for one more year

    Hey everyone,I am writing today for a special request for our daughter. Our son and daughter were HUGE Gravity Falls fans. Although they were three years apart, they looked like twins, and were best friends. So it was easy for them to follow along to Dipper and Mabel's adventures, often...
  2. jcporcel

    Gravity Falls - Journal 3 replica (with complete pages)

    Gravity Falls is one of the best shows ever made, probably my favorite; the story and art are absolutely fantastic and it’s full of mysterious artifacts and weird props of all kinds. Sadly, yet understandably, this masterpiece is coming to its end soon, so I decided to pay tribute and build a...
  3. S

    Gravity Falls Journal 3

    Hello! I am going to *attempt* to make a journal from Gravity Falls, So far all I have is a blank red sketch book made by "Royal and Langnickel" It is 8.5" by 11" (21.6 cm by 27.9) It has plenty of pages (110) and I will be posting pictures through out the process. I have never tried to make...
  4. B


    So i've been into anime and stuff like that for a LONG time, and i have recently been obsessed with cosplaying.... the thing is, is that i do not know how to cosplay or how to make costumes or even how to get really into character, i need help.. any tips?:p
  5. T

    Gravity Falls Replica made from FOOD !!!

    I've always wanted to come here. After dabbling in Pepakura and learning of this place, I'd always notice Adam Savage talking about it. It turns out I've a knack for spotting good paper props, as I learned while making YouTube videos about Gravity Falls. It dawned on me I made a prop replica a...
  6. TheBarony

    Gravity Falls costume- Grunkle Stan

    Here are the items I put together for a Grunkle Stan costume for SDCC 2014. My boys were Dipper and Dipper clone 2, so we went as a set. The fez is how I imagined it would look in real life, with a little more flash and show. The cane is a real 8-ball attached to an old cane I found at...
  7. L

    Gravity Falls' Book Number 3

    I've been watching Gravity Falls on Disney and I love it.I decided to make a replica of the book myself. I still need help with something : - And I need suggestions about those scratches, I don't want the book to be filled with doodles. here's one sample: What do you think? Give...

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