graflex saber

  1. GraflexSaber

    Metal Master Origin Graflex Lightsaber

    This is my latest Graflex lightsaber with my new Metal Master Origin chassis. This chassis is the Metal Master version of the first original Graflex chassis I created in 2016/2017. The new version is made from 3D printed brass and plastic parts, CNC machined aluminum parts and laser cut steal...
  2. ComeradeDog88

    Graflex Heiland ESB Vader Saber conversion

    So I have recently acquired an old 2 cell Graflex Heiland flash tube that I would like to convert into an ESB Vader lightsaber. here's an example (only mine has the black shroud on top). I have gotten the wires in their correct places on the sides near the top. I do have a question about...
  3. GraflexSaber

    Graflex Saber with mb-sabers Bladeholder

    This is my latest Graflex with Metal Master chassis, spinning Plasma Gate and the new mb-sabers Bladeholder called the Emitter... This Saber is not for sale!