graflex clamp

  1. Chase Butler

    Star Wars Vintage Graflex Parts

    Selling some spare vintage Graflex parts. Condition varies so please check all photos before buying. Please MESSAGE me as I'm selling them individually. This listing is not for the lot as a whole, if you're interested in all of them message me and we can work something out :) #1 SOLD $150 -...
  2. Chase Butler

    Star Wars Vintage Graflex Clamps

    Vintage Graflex Clamps #1 $250, No clamp screw or inner tabs but has VERY nice vintage wear and would look amazing on a weather Obi-Wan or Luke lightsaber! #2 $175, missing one inner tab but is pretty clean over all! #3 $175, has some nice vintage wear on it and would also look awesome on a...
  3. Chase Butler

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