1. Matte Painter

    3D printed Gonk - screen accurate?

    A quicky CG and 3D print of the first Gonk we see in Star Wars (I think?). I always thought of him as THE Gonk. I'm not aware of any off screen reference so I kind of went with other sources at modelling this fella for inspiration for the left and rear sides. I also used the 2015 Star Wars...
  2. Justin Gunn

    Mystery Gonk Droid???

    I recently came across this behind the scenes shot from Ep IV and as a lover of all things GNK (gonk!), I was excited to see a droid I’ve never seen before. Does anyone have any info on this mystery (to me anyway) Gonk? (Also, I love that Kenny Baker is chowing down on a sandwich and a cup of...
  3. Loganius


    Hello everyone! Welcome to my first RPF prop build! I am currently putting together my Star Wars room and after some careful consideration decided to build a Gonk droid to really up the Star Wars factor. I am about to make a run to a hardware store for some odds and ends but most of this build...