gonk droid

  1. Snow Builder

    Gonk Droid - Printer Stand

    I have a color laser printer that's big, bulky and used infrequently. I still need access to it, but would like it to be a little less prominent in my work area. Solution, make a gonk droid that: Storage for paper and printer supplies Hiding place for the printer End-table for when sitting on...
  2. babyYoda

    Gonk Power Droid Reference

    I'm embarking on a Gonk Droid build and so I've sifted through the films using cap-that.com to find GONK droids as well as posts on here. I think I have identified 12 different GONKs across the 9 movies in the Skywalker Saga as well as Rouge One and Solo I haven't been through The Mandalorian...
  3. Fuzzual

    Star Wars Gonk Droid Lamp

    Hey all! So I thought I could start a simple 1 day build, and then realized, like Adam Savage says, there is no such thing as a one day build that takes one day. I wanted to make my nephew something unique for Christmas. The little guy is a huge Star Wars fan, and each time he comes to our...