1. The Cog

    Echo Base Luke Skywalker Jacket - Columbia - 2XL

    Selling my jacket and boots for an Echo Base rebel outfit. This is a 2xl Columbia Luke Skywalker Jacket. Never fully put together a full outfit.... And doesn't make much sense for me in Florida. Need to sell and willing to ship within the United States for free. Jacket: 2XL Boots: 11 Let me...
  2. Grovebough

    White undercoat before applying fluorescence on black latex?

    Hey! I want to apply fluorescent paint on the claws of these latex gloves. I've never applied fluorescence on black before and I get the feeling that maybe it's a good idea to first apply a white undercoat on the claws in order to increase the fluorescent effect. Does this make any sense and is...
  3. 1

    The Mandalorian: Moff Gideon's Gloves Build

    Hey all! This is just something I did for fun. I do light-contact lightsaber sparring with friends, so I needed some protective gloves. I remembered that Moff Gideon had armored gloves, so I thought those would be perfect! I started off by buying these gloves off of AliExpress. They're not...
  4. kraymitchell

    V for Vendetta Gloves

    Hey all, it's been awhile but I'm back to trying to get my V Costume done. Does anybody have a good source for existing V Gloves that are well made but not excessively expensive?