1. MKretschmer

    Kretschmer Kreativ Works of 2012-2015

    Friends, Just sharing a little video I put together for my website. It's a summary of my favorite projects from the past few years, including my wooden Enterprise model, Imperial Guard helmet, a lightsaber, a sith artifact and more. Hope you enjoy it and maybe even draw a little inspiration...
  2. D

    Gladiator Inspired Gladius!

    I was inspired to make this gladius after watching Gladitor for the umteenth time.
  3. Kelsohighlander

    Maximus gladiator sword

    I got this windlass gladiator arena/slave sword really cheap. I didn't like how shiny and new it looked, and wanting to create something that was more screen accurate, I decided to modify it a bit. So I stripped down the varnish and sanded the whole thing. A big "gulp" moment. Then adding...
  4. ob1al

    Screen used Gladiator shield

    Just got this, it's a screen used barbarian shield from the battle of Germania opening sequence. It's a bit beaten up and has clearly done it's job onset, it looks like the middle section has taken a good hit with a sword. It's always a thrill though to own a little bit of movie magic...
  5. ob1al

    Gladiator: Production used Russell Crowe Maximus bust

    Thanks to another member here, I've been able to buy this cool piece - a production used Russell Crowe lifecast from 'Gladiator'. The COA states that this fiberglass lifecast was used during production to create the arena helmet and some facial prosthetics: I don't own very many screen used...