gears of war

  1. T

    New Member - Larp Gears of War armour

    How do, and a bit of an introduction first and a small apology, we spell it 'armour' over here, you'll have to get used to it my foreign readers ;) My names Chris, I live over in the UK and have been a bit of a lurker off and on for a couple of months now. Hobby wise I've been a Games...
  2. undeadzombie

    gow lancer

    Hi im about to start painting my gold replica lancer from gears.... I have sprayed it with a a grey undercoat an thats it at the mo whats the best way to paint it which paints to use an how do i do an awesome blood fx on the chainsaw?
  3. B

    Clayton Carmine Costume (Help Needed) [Semi-Pic heavy]

    Hey, I need some help with my Clayton Carmine costume, more specifically, I need help with the belt and the part where the chest piece and the belt connect in the back. Here are a few pictures. This is the belt The circled area is where I'd like the button to be to... for lack of a better word...
  4. undeadzombie

    gears of war

    Hi there, im looking to make some foam armour for me and my 2year old son!! any hints ideas or templates would be awesome as i have never made anything like this before but im going to Comic Con and i reallllllly wanna dress Cheers Undeadzombie
  5. B

    How do I get my lenses to glow?

    I'm currently working on making a Clayton Carmine helmet and I've hit a snag in my project. I am a perfectionist and a purist. In all the pictures the lenses in the eyes of the helmet have a glowing effect to them and I've been racking my brain on have to achieve the same affect. If nothing I'm...
  6. mutronics

    Gears of War Marcus Fenix 1:6 Commission

    Hi Guys. Just finished a Gears of War commission and though i'd post some pics. Pete
  7. thicky ricardo

    gears of war(locust drone)

    hello rpf,im new here but ive alway heard of the awesome talent that resides here,im a older member of the hunters lair, any who,ive sculpted a locust drone bust ,and i plan on doing an entire costume in the next few months,so i can have it complete by the time gears 3 comes out,im molding the...
  8. Shade

    My Thoughts on the Gears of War 3 Beta

    Okay, prepare yourself for a little bit of rage as I've been getting increasingly frustrated with this game. First off, the new weapons Retro Lancer: The Retro Lancer was a good idea, but wasn't exactly implemented in the best way. It's designed for close quarters, but is too underpowered to be...
  9. TC9948

    COG Armor from Gears of War

    Hello all, this project started as pepakura, thanks to the guys over at the 405th for the files. Then I went to work with the resin and bondo to finish it off. this build took about 6 weeks start to finish.