gears of war

  1. Madmanad

    Gears of war MK2 Lancer build

    Hi all, So I’ve wanted to buy the lancer replica for years but could never justify the price, thought I’d have a go at building a replica myself. It’s going to have a working chainsaw (it will spin but won’t cut anything!) and it’s going to hopefully fire Nerf darts or something similar. Using...
  2. HeadhunterCraft

    Gears of War Lancer interest?

    Hi all! So I've recently finished uni studying Props & SFX and am looking to set myself up making and selling stuff. As Gears 5 is coming out, figures the iconic Gears Lancer would be good. Is that something people would want to buy? Obviously money is short and I don't wanna pump funds in if...
  3. S

    My 1st Commision, How much do you think its worth?

    Hi, new member here. I have just about finished my first commision, which can be seen in the images above to be a gears of war lancer. But I dont really know how much its worth,or how much people would expect to pay for it, and would be really intersting in hearing peoples thoughts. The prop...
  4. SKS Props

    Gears of War Theron Guard Cosplay SKS Props Updated 8/15/17

    Gears of War Theron Guard Cosplay - Hey everyone Steve (SKS Props) here with another build. This time I'm going to be taking on the Theron Guard from Gears of War! This build is going to rely heavily on my build process for the Wacraft Orc I made last year. Crazy thing is I started this build...
  5. Thorn

    Adding sound to the Gears of War PDP Lancer

    Hi all! It's been a while since I've been able to tinker with anything but I think I've got a semi-interesting project. My wife bought me a Gears of War PDP lancer for my birthday and I'd like to add some sound to it. Hard to believe they added the lights but skimped on the sound effects...
  6. smick6

    Gears Of War 4 execution knife.

    Been working on this lately. My version of a gears of 4 execution knife. Started this before the game was out so I had minimal reference photos. I might make a mold to sell a few if people are interested. Let me know if you are. Thanks for looking.. Still have some more painting to do on it.
  7. A

    Gears of War outfit - First pep attempt (pic heavy)

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here and want to say that I think this is a great site with what appears to be a very friendly and helpful community. I've been amazed by the skill and creativity that clearly shows in member's projects. A little background on my first project; my wife has MS...
  8. L

    gears of war foam costume

    Hi, I'm trying to make a gears of war foam costume for my nephew but i cant find any files for pepakura for it. Can someone please send them to me if possible,thank you in advance
  9. bigbisont

    Another Gears of War Lancer repaint (taxi-cab --> to reg)

    I have wanted a gears of war Lancer for some time and finally scored a great deal on one. The only problem: It was the taxi cab paint job... Oh well. I can fix that. (before) -I just cleaned it with simple green then taped off the areas I wanted to keep black. -I then hit it with a...
  10. D

    Replica Gears of War Retro Lancer build! (custom)

    So my friend brought round a full size retro Lancer replica that came out with the games a few years ago, i am not sure if they are hard to get hold of nowadays.. Anyways, it was an awful bright green with yellow camo colour and he asked if i would do a paint job on it to bring it more in line...
  11. G

    Need help designing a GOW Boom Shield

    I could use help designing a Gears of War - Boom Shield ( Boomshield ) This is my first mechanical project, so I may not know all the tools or possibilities, but the goals is a fully operating shield. I plan to use it for Larp, so I hope it is: relatively light weight, Opens/closes...
  12. Gearsnerd

    Gears of war collection.

    My gears of war collection with my custom judgment lancer and custom locust head lancer stand! Both the lancer and stand I custom made, customized the lancer I should say! I put LED lights in the lancer and bloodied it up ;)
  13. Gearsnerd

    Gears of war lancer!

    Finishing up my custom gears of war lancer! Finished with the LED lights and almost done with the blood effect! Also I'm making a head that will act as a stand for the lancer but will look like a locust getting its head chainsawed in half down the side!
  14. Gearsnerd

    Want to Buy Custom Gears of war grenade!

    Looking for someone who can make a replica gears of war incindiary grenade that looks like this one, LED lights and all. Preferably for under $300
  15. Gearsnerd

    Want to Buy Gears of war silicone locust mask!

    Hello you bunch of rpf'ers! I am in desperate need of a silicone gears of war locust mask! Must be some one who is good at sculpting, casting and working with silicone! I have a picture of what I would like it to look like! I can't state enough how much I want this mask out of silicone and not...
  16. Blackluc

    Gears of War Anthony and Clayton Carmine WIP

    Hi there :) I am working on two costumes for Montreal's Comiccon this September. I will go as Anthony Carmine and I'm making a Clayton costume too for my friend. I have no idea if I will be able to finish in time, but let's hope so! It's my first foam build, and it's made freehand. Except...
  17. A

    First serious sculpt, advice welcome!

    Hey all, first time poster long time lurker. Been wanting to bust into the special effects world for a long while now, and I'm a pretty regular convention goer. Wanted to do something big for the next one so I picked General Raam from Gears of war. One of my favorite villains by far. I wanted to...
  18. N

    Marcus Fenix pep files

    I'm building a Marcus Fenix costume and am having a hard time finding the pep files. i could really use some help getting these and any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. M

    Gears of war Lancer + Markus + Hand detail

    Hi all, this is my personal project, Markus Fenix from Gears of war, Lancer + accesories all with super sculpey Comments are welcome.
  20. TheGrimPaladin

    Gears of War: Boltok pistol

    Hi all, I'm quite new to the RPF (been lurking for a while and just recently created my own account). I have been working on this boltok for quite some time now, due to certain materials which were hard to get for me, like the old used leather. I always try to approach the budget route when...
  21. R

    Gears of War foam Pepakura files

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any Gears of War foam Pepakura files. I am going to try and make Anthony Carmine armor. I have found pep files for fiber-glassing and resin, but can't find any foam pep files at all what so ever. if someone has them pm me the link. I would be a very happy...
  22. DRG

    COG Armor - Gears of War 3 - Foam Build

    Been lurking here for awhile and enjoying everyone's else's work, so I figured I'd join in on the fun. I've posted this elsewhere, but figured why not here as well. I've been working on a foam build of the COG armor from Gears of War 3. It was my first attempt at using EVA foam, so I made a few...
  23. M

    Gears of war locust queen

    Hi all. I have found the files for the costume on Pepakura Database - Gears of War Pepakura Wiki I was just wondering if anyone could help me out. I want to build in foam so I need the files edited. If anyone can help me out with this it would be muchly appreciated! :) thank you x
  24. M

    Gears of war Anya foam

    Hi all, does anyone have Anya's chest piece pep file for foam? I have had a few people give me a gears of war page but they are all for paper working pep. I want to make it from foam :) Hope someone can help me out? Thanks!