gas mask

  1. JordanC

    Little Shop Of Horrors - Special Gas Mask

    Hello there! I am props designing For Little Shop of Horrors at a local community theatre, this is my first time designing without a mentor and saying I’m excited is an understatement !! I'm new here but I wanted to document how me & my bf made our tank & mask bc ShawnHallDesign gave a lot of...
  2. bolsoncerrado

    Any leads to this type of gas mask?

    It's from Tenet: Thanks!
  3. QXZ

    My mask collection

    Here is my mask collection: three snorkel masks at top all Chinese, 3m Half face mask (UK or USA idk), tambov gp7 (Russia), msa 3s (USA), bem 4gp (Belgium), giat arfa (France), avon c50 (UK), avon s10 (UK), scott gsr (UK) Another snorkel mask (China), Shigematsu CF01 (Japan), Airboss LBM...
  4. Teamcerberus

    The Crazies Gas Mask

    I started working on putting together a display of the mask from the 1973 George Romero movie The Crazies. Im pretty sure I got the gas mask right (WW2 era British MK5). However, I totally failed at identifying the canister. Can anyone help me identify the filter being used in the film? Thanks!
  5. Utri

    Half-Life 2 Metrocop, been planning this one. [PIC HEAVY]

    Hey all, short introduction. I've always wanted to do a Metrocop build. Been a dream build of mine for a few years. I periodically check here for any new builds, most recent being made by since banned member msleeper. It was a decent build, no doubt. I have pored over the various builds. There...