1. phaeton1911

    Terminator fan game trailer

    This just dropped yesterday. the first trailer for a terminator fan game
  2. R

    Uncharted 4 Drake journal replica

    Hello everyone.I am making my own replica of Nathan Drake journal,I am a huge fan of naughty dog but I need an advice.I have bought a Sir Francis draDr journal and started making a Drake journal in far I didn't know what journal drakr had(cover).Is this will be worth it when I make...
  3. ShadowAssassin

    Arkham Asylum Armored Batsuit FOAM

    Roughly 6 months ago I begun making templates for the Armored Batsuit in Batman Arkham Asylum. I have been consistently posting updates on Instagram but decided it was time to post it here. I begun with the torso which I do with most of my builds. This was to also help scale the rest of the...
  4. ShadowAssassin


  5. Battlefield Game 4 Logo T-Shirt

    Battlefield Game 4 Logo T-Shirt

    Check here awesome Battlefield Game Logo T-Shirt : Get More Deals
  6. Dragon Army Soldier - Ender's Game

    Dragon Army Soldier - Ender's Game

    Build thread
  7. Master Sword (Twilight Princess Version)

    Master Sword (Twilight Princess Version)

    In game model of the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Best gauge for the color of the sword, and also good for the shape, but not good for judging size due to the odd angle. If you want to do the Twilight Princess version, use the Skyward Sword art to scale your...
  8. Dirty Moose's White Walker RPF 2012 Halloween Costume Contest

    Dirty Moose's White Walker RPF 2012 Halloween Costume Contest

    Hello everyone! This is my first thread and build for the RPF and it was a great experiance! This costume is pulled form the show Game of Thrones and depicts a White Walker / Other which is present in the season 2 final episode. Thanks and enjoy!