game of thrones

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  1. NexusFX

    Limited Run Game of Thrones Unsullied Helmet - Down payment sale!

    Hey all! I sculpted the unsullied helmet for a client of mine who cosplayed as Gray worm. Im looking to do a short run of about 5 kits. These are 7 piece kits cold cast in smooth cast 300. I am currently sculpting a smaller face plate for those who want it, as the screen used helmets seem to...
  2. canadapost

    Factory Entertainment: Game of Thrones - King Joffery Baratheon Crown

    I hadn't seen a post about this on here and I was wondering what you guys think about this King Joffery Crown offered by Factory Entertainment? From their website: Our development team was able to borrow an original screen-used prop that was carefully studied and a direct casting was...
  3. C

    Mapping Westeros

    As an introduction to this project, I've been practising cartography for a number of years now, but only in the last two or so have I gotten to the point where I am marginally satisfied with the results. Here's a link to a few past projects and the evolution of my involvement in map making. On...
  4. Fit Cosplayer

    Worbla Kingsguard Armor (Game of Thrones) WIP Thread [Pic Heavy]

    Inspired by the awesome armors made by FuzzyDrawings, Teranmx, and Matt Dash. I decided to make my own version of this armor in hopes of doing a S4 Jaime Lannister eventually. ...Of course the deadline I chose to show off this con was rather inconvenient as I had chosen Comikaze 2014 to debut...
  5. Wailonskydog

    Jorah Mormont (Game of Thrones) Armor/Sword/Scabbard costume and some advice needed

    Hey all, So here's what I worked on for Halloween. I got a pretty late start so didn't quite finish it up but have been adding a few details for next time. This is Jorah's armor from season 3 and 4 after he upgrades from the plate armor he had been sporting since season 1. The chest...
  6. Freaklord

    The Hound - Freaklord

    I want to build my favorite anti-hero from A Game of Thrones. Sandor Clegane, The Hound. Here is the build up, with progressions pictures. PLEASE let me know if you see a way I can improve this costume. Reference pics:
  7. G

    Service 3D design, and fabrication

    Thank you for checking out my post. I am proficient in the use of Solidworks, 3D studio max, and Photoshop as well as a myriad of other programs. I am looking to start offering my services on a commission basis to produce high-quality props and costume pieces. You can see a lot of my previous...
  8. Cameron1138

    Jaime Lannister cosplay WIP

    With all the Kingsguard-related cosplay threads there are on here, I thought I'd make a thread showing my progress on cosplaying armor-less Jaime. Seeing as there are only minor differences between his season 1 and season 4 outfits, I'm planning to have this cosplay be easily switched between...
  9. Q

    Brienne of Tarth - Season 4 - CC is welcome!

    Just like the title says! I wore this to DragonCon 2014, unfortunately only for Friday. This is the first time I've used expanded PVC sheet, and although I definitely ran into problems and there's certain things I don't like I'm quite proud of my build. I think my Oathkeeper is actually my...
  10. M

    Step-byStep Sintra Kingsguard Armor Guide (Game of Thrones)

    Hello, This is my first post and my first (real) costume. I made this for dragoncon 2014, but i'll be describing the build step-by-step from the beginning (with lots of pics) in this thread. I think this is becoming a popular GoT costume option, so hopefully some people will find this useful...
  11. C

    Joffrey Baratheon

    I'm looking to do a Joffrey costume, and I found the exact fabric used in the show for this costume: It's REALLY expensive though and I was hoping someone has stumbled upon a similarly coloured and patterned Brocade...
  12. D

    Dark Siren's 3D props - Star Wars, Game of Thrones, more coming soon!

    This is just a post to show the 3D models I have made and the props soon to be finished. I've had various pieces printed to test the materials, but I have my first whole prop pieces on their way today! Padme Amidala EPI forehead pendant Sansa Stark seed pod penannular pins Sansa Stark...
  13. aimeekitty

    Daenerys Astaphor Dragonscale Dress

    I'm not as svelte as the "real" Daenerys after having my own twin dragons ;) ... but I just LOVED the surface embellishment on this costume and wanted to try it! The embroideress on the show gives a diagram on how to do the Dragonscale smocking on her website here...
  14. H

    Daenerys Targaryen, season 2

    Hi all.. Been working on this project for yonks, and have had some setbacks as my seamstress and corset-maker extraordinaire has been very ill.. she's doing 2 pieces that are beyond my abilities! But I have decided it is high time to post! I will be gathering pictures together and posting...
  15. Steph

    Armor advice needed for ASOIAF (Game of Thrones) original cosplay!

    Hey guys! I'm currently working on my first cosplay, and it's an original design of a book character from A Song of Ice and Fire. I'm kind of in a rut though. I'm making a cuirass, which, for my character's purpose, will be used in "casual combat" (as in not in war, but more for... casual...
  16. Matt Kaz

    Targaryen House Shield - Replica Prop

    I'm currently studying Modelmaking at the AUB and this was my final project for the second year. I was looking into De-skilling in the prop making industry, and as such made this replica shield entirely by hand. No use of machinery or automation, just hand skills. Based on the cover art from 'A...
  17. spacemarine

    Game of Thrones Shire Post Mint Coin Collection

    Hi all, This is my Game of Thrones Faceless Man coin collection from The Shire Post Mint. I purchased these from Tom last year, they are beautifully crafted and great quality items. Below is a pic of the 13 coins and a scan of the information sheet that came with them. Coins: Info...
  18. C

    Oberyn Martell - The Red Viper (Game of Thrones)

    Hello everyone, it's been a while but I'm getting back to creating some new costumes. I'm just starting the work on the costume for the Red Viper that is from his fight vs the Moutain. I was inspired to actually do it after seeing this fellow RPFer's start with the spear...
  19. A

    Prince Oberyn's Spear, Game of Thrones

    As soon as I saw this spear, I knew I had to make it. The finished piece is made from a 25mm hardwood dowel for the shaft, 6mm MDF shaped and sanded for the blade, Apoxie Sculpt for the pointed bits at the end of the shaft, worbla built onto a foam core for the snakes and genuine snakeskin for...
  20. DirtyMoose

    Game of Thrones inspired Dragon Skull 2014 Jun-Jul Sculpture Contest Entry

    Hey Gang! Im pumped to finally enter this contest and I have been waiting to sculpt a dragon skull for a long time. Ive decided to go with the Game of Thrones version because its the most current and i really like the design personally. This will be my third major sculpting project and every...
  21. canadapost

    Game of Thrones Ice Sword-Wolf Scabbard Build (WARNING: May be offensive to some.)

    Hey Guys, I ordered a Game of Thrones Ice Sword from Valyrian Steel and I thought I'd create a scabbard for it. Ultimately, I want to have something that will protect the sword long-term and I've always loved the history of Ice and it's place in Westeros lore as a Great Sword. So I thought I...
  22. C

    Game of Thrones: Kingsgaurd WIP

    Showing how I build the Kingsgaurd armor (in progress). I will try my best to provide details when I complete.
  23. BlindSquirrel

    Game of Throne Stark Infantry Helmet

    I'm almost done with this project but I thought it was close enough to show. Although not the fanciest, there was always something that I liked about the Stark helmets. I started by sculpting the helmet in 3D during lunch and then running it through Pepakura to make the paper model. I...
  24. TheSChorsch719

    Dragons Egg Game of Thrones

    Daenerys Tyharyen Dragons egg from Game of thrones. Built using a foam egg from Hobby Lobby and a sheet of copper
  25. msmuse101

    Tywin Lannister 1:10 lord of lions bust

    Hi guys, just spent the last couple of days painting a bust of the terrifying Tywin Lannister and wanted to share and maybe get some feedback. Im used to painting ships and robots and this is my first go at realistic skin tones, shading and eyes (which was so difficult!!) Ive used acrylics...

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