game of thrones

  1. Captain Rogers

    Jon Snow Season Six Costume-Could use some help.

    Hello fellow members of the RPF! As the title says I plan to make the Season Six outfit of Jon Snow. I plan to wear the outfit to the Renaissance Festival this September. I love this outfit and really want to do it justice, but I have some concerns about the build. First off the leather. I have...
  2. M

    Game of Thrones - Ned Starks Sword Ice

    Hello fellow makers of things, I decided finally write my first post. This is one of my first proper prop builds, though I have been making for many years now. I had not planned on posting, but hopefully some of this may be useful to someone, and by all means, I'd love to hear any improvements...
  3. M

    Robert Baratheon - Game of Thrones

    So this is the first time Im posting one of my costumes here. Im a huge fan of the Game of Throne books and TV series. Robert Baratheon has always resonated with me as a bloke who just loves to have fun. A guy who loves to drink fight and fu... I havent got to many pictures of this and Id love...
  4. T

    Oberyn's / Sandsnake Spear

    Hey, I made a quick version of Oberyn's spear from the Mountain vs. The Viper fight. I believe it's the same spear used by one of the Sandsnakes in the later seasons, or at least a very similar one. Anyway, thought I'd show you guys. The spearhead and buttspike are both MDF, connected with...
  5. Tyler Brown

    Jon Snows Cloak - Fabric needs.

    I'm looking for a good source for fake fur for Jon Snow's cloak. It's rather long and most fake fur I'm finding in stores is pretty short. Example: Cheers, Thanks all!
  6. Z

    Game of thrones crown

    Heres my Renly Baratheon crown replica i made using clay and wire but looks pretty neat for cosplaying and cheap to do.
  7. megabethbob

    WIP Cersei Lannister: Purple Wedding - Game of Thrones.

    Hiya! I'm currently in the process of making Cersei Lannister's 'Purple Wedding' costume from the TV Show Game of Thrones. I haven't seen anyone else on this forum make this outfit, and I really wanted to write up my process :) I am making this costume to wear to London Super Comic Con in...
  8. dashy

    Arya Stark's Needle - Game of Thrones

    Posted progress for this in my other thread (costumes section) then realised I should have posted a separate thread for it in this section, so here it is, a few progress shots and the finished prop! DETAILS: • HILT: Narrow PVC pipe with wider pipe on the ends + shaped dowel inside + leather...
  9. C

    Ideas for making jaime Lannisters golden hand from 'game of thrones'

    Hi. I am making a Jaime Lannister cosplay from season 4 of 'game of thrones'. I need some ideas on how to go about making his golden hand. Not sure what material would work as I'd need to wear it over my own hand. It looks in two halves.
  10. C

    Sons of the Harpy - Game of Thrones

    New to this forum. I made this for Halloween. Wanted myself and friends to go out so I decided to make all of them. Not enough image space here so I uploaded my entire process below. Hope you enjoy. I had a lot of fun.
  11. Tuckanator

    Noble Collection GOT Dragon egg replicas

    Just stumbled upon these dragon egg replicas from game of thrones that noble is doing. They are 8inch tall, hand painted and presumably resin. Dont think that they are out yet but wondering if anyone has got one yet and what they think, or...
  12. smoothrat

    Bronn the sellsword (Game of Thrones)

    WIP shots for my Bronn costume. Started for Dragoncon 2014, but actually finished in time for Dragoncon 2015. ;) Here's what I'm going for. Started with some accessories. Made a drinking horn from PVC pipe, with a wooden base. It's sealed and actually holds ale. For the sword, I made a...
  13. Wailonskydog

    Game of Thrones: Jorah Mormont Leather Armor Build

    After updating my Jorah sword and scabbard to high-quality leather ( I'm setting my sights on rebuilding the armor in leather. I originally made it out of EVA foam with leather and vinyl coverings ( but...
  14. M

    Want to Buy Game of Thrones Robert Baratheon clasps and epilet

    I'm looking for Robert Baratheon vest clasps and epilets. I would like them by Dragon Con in two weeks, and could even arrange to pick them up there if you are going, Tell me how much it will be. I would prefer metal, but with this short notice I will take foam armor or wood or if you have a...
  15. jediscout72

    Iron Throne Build from the Kingdom of Hawaii

    Aloha from Hawaii, my name is Keoni Maemori, I'm a Propmaster here in the Hawaiian Islands, I just wanted to share my Iron Throne build that debuted at Comic Con Honolulu. For more of our work, please feel free to check us out on facebook. This is...
  16. J

    Anyone have a sewing pattern for a Knight's Tunic?

    So I'm working on a book inspired Game of Thrones armor build and I've run into a speedbump. I'm not a very good sewer but my wife has given me a few lessons. I'm going to attempt to sew a Tunic for my character but I can't find any patterns online. I was wondering one of you might have a...
  17. C

    Game of Thrones: Daenerys' Dragon Egg Box

    My friend and I decided to start a build based upon the eggs and box used in G.O.T.. This is my attempt at the box. There are very few decent screen shots of it that I could find or make on my own, so research was a little difficult. I saw one guy do a prop of this that is plastered all over...
  18. P

    Game of Thrones - Brynden "Blackfish" Tully build

    Hello gentlefolk. I'm building a dream costume of mine. I've put most of the work on the back end here, and left myself with too little time (6 weeks) to build the majority of the costume. It's entirely possible that I can do this, but I'll be pressed. So for those unfamiliar, here's the...
  19. Cameron1138

    Game of Thrones foam swords

    I've been thinking about getting either the more expensive latex Game of Thrones LARP swords or the cheaper, presumably less sturdy foam ones sold at Halloween shops (like this one:, and I'm wondering if anyone who has...
  20. P

    Want to Buy Custom Resin Cast - Small, moderate detail - GAME OF THRONES TULLY SIGIL

    Hey folks, So I've got a specific request today. I'm working on a Brynden "Blackfish" Tully costume, and I'm making the leather and chainmaille myself, but for the armor, I need his crest. I don't know if Resin is the best option, or if there's another, more effective way to get the crest, let...
  21. dashy

    GoT S4: Arya Stark WIP -- Update: Finished photos in latest post!

    Started this project mid last year, currently re-making some parts to improve on proportions, fabrics, detail and other aspects. JERKIN: Created the pattern in Adobe Illustrator Strip material is jute webbing, original width 50mm, edges machine sewn, airbrushed with a custom mix of...
  22. thevitamink

    gender swapped game of thrones sword handles a friend commissioned me to make some male sword handles for a gender swapped Daario Naharis costume current progress hope to finish both handles by end of may or so
  23. Gips Budowlany

    Iron Throne 7 inches polymer clay replica Game of Thrones

    Hello. I want to show you my Iron Throne replica made out of polymer clay and aluminium foil. Also I made tutorial video on my yt channel: Hope you enjoy it :) Painted with black primer: And then silver paint:
  24. X

    My 3D Coins

    So, i decided to make a bunch of 3D Coins from all sorts of Movies, Shows, Games and so on. I will make at least one Coin per Day until Saturday (have visitors at the weekend). I will make every Coin accessible via shapeways (Coin with the cheapest material is around 4$). So everyone can get one...
  25. L

    Game of Thrones Prop Valuation>

    hi I currently have the used on set production prop dragon eggs used in season 1 of game of thrones, complete with chest and blanket. I was wondering as to the value of such an item as I currently have no idea what this kind of thing would be worth