galaxys edge

  1. SeanG22

    Does anyone know who made this at Dok Ondar's at Galaxy's Edge?

    Does anyone know who the maker is of this creature at Dok Ondar's at Galaxy's Edge? Any help would be appreciated! :)
  2. D

    LOTR Narsil Lightsaber

    I modeled and 3D printed a lightsaber based on Narsil from Lord of the Rings. The design is based on Jake Bartok’s (IG @jakebartok) artwork, and Tehran Props (IG @tethan_props_) adaptation of it, but I wanted one to use the Savi lightsaber chassis from Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge, so I designed one...
  3. Baruopa

    Wanted: Rogue One Dejarik/Holochess Pieces Reference

    Hi all, I'm sure pretty much all of you know about the physical dejarik game being played I the background of Saw Gerrera's hideout on Jedha in Rogue One. I really like the idea and aesthetic of it but can't seem to find much of any reference on it, was wondering if maybe you guys knew or could...