galaxy quest

  1. S

    I need help identifying a Galaxy Quest prop.

    I recently found a screen-used costume from Galaxy Quest. The only thing is I can't remember what scene/character/actor wore it. Would this be a good investment? Any information would be appreciated!
  2. Taggart

    Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues!

    I just found out that IDW is coming out with another Galaxy Quest Comic series! Having been a Questarian for as long as I can remember it's pretty exciting! It apparently takes place right after the 1999 movie, and the crew is captured to repair damage due to their 13 second time travel in the...
  3. C

    W.I.P MechAssault 2 Lone Wolf Battle Armor 7-foot Mech

    Hey guys a while back in 2001 or somewhere near the past I remember getting my first Xbox game which was mech assault , everything about the game made my childhood great but growing up I soon forgot the game , I no longer have the original xbox and neither he game , so I thought hey since I...
  4. S

    My Thermian Appearance Generators (Galaxy Quest)

    These were scratch built by me: Left: Stunt Version. Solid. 1 color paint scheme Right: Hero Version. Hollow. 2 colors paint scheme. The Hero one can be opened to to install lights. Held together by 4 N45 neodymium magnets (screws are fake) In this pic, I just put a...
  5. R

    Coyle Galaxy Quest Pistol

    I have a Thermian Galaxy Quest pistol, Coyle resin cast, but there was no clear blue plastic gun sight with it. Anybody out there make one for the gun? I'd like one and Richard Coyle has been talking about doing that piece for a long time. Would like to get it before I get old. OOPS! TO LATE!
  6. rkpetersen

    Can anyone ID this Galaxy Quest binocular part?

    I picked up these Galaxy Quest Thermian Binoculars from the recent Profiles In History auction. The lenses are supposed to telescope in and out, controlled by a toggle switch on the underside of the case, but were no longer functional when auctioned. Replacing the battery got the right...