galaxy edge

  1. SeanG22

    Does anyone know who made this at Dok Ondar's at Galaxy's Edge?

    Does anyone know who the maker is of this creature at Dok Ondar's at Galaxy's Edge? Any help would be appreciated! :)
  2. Protoss

    "Protoss' Cantina" Rancor Tooth Beer Flight

    Currently I'm a little hyped by the Galaxy’s Edge merchandise. This stuff is outrageously expensive, and getting it to Europe doesn't make it cheaper either. I really like the Rancor Tooth Beer Flight and I think it will be a great idea for the next "May the 4th". However, the cups are really...
  3. Z

    Legacy Lightsaber issues? has anyone open them up?

    I got my freind to get me Obi-wan's ep 1 lightsaber and when i plug in the blade it makes the sound.. but when i twist it and try to turn it on nothing happen... i got my friends savi's lightsaber and we switch blades to see if it was my blade or my hilt was the issue.. it turns out it was my...