1. HandsomeDan

    Terminator 2 Bust Gregory wig

    Hi all, this is my first ever post on here so i dont know exactly what im doing haha im making a 1:1 terminator statue from T2 . this will be my fourth statue, tho i normally have someone else do the wig and eyebrows. i attempting the wig a couple years ago ( gregory wig ) but when i cut it for...
  2. D

    Want to Buy Wanted 1:1 Landspeeder body

    I’m looking for a source for a 1:1 body.. can anyone point me in a direction ? Thanks!
  3. Engtech05

    Skyrim Dragon Fullsize Build

    So i have been thinking of building a working life size costume of a Skyrim Dragon.... I have watched a lot of the Stan Winston School Videos on how to do a large portion of the creation, my only problem or issue is the Size of the creature. I have chosen to have a dragon that is 12 - 15 foot...