1. C

    Fringe Shapeshifter Device

    FRINGE SHAPESHIFTER DEVICE I adore Fringe. Anyone with me? Last year I replicated the lightbox test that Olivia had to take. This year I tackled the Shapeshifting device. Materials: LED Light...
  2. A

    Foam Help

    Hi RPF folks! I've recently been trying to make various foam items such as magnetos new costume and some iron man parts and I've faced a few problems that I need help with. The foam, whenever I cut it, has fringes and I can never seem to cut a straight piece of foam. This has been very annoying...
  3. cenn

    1st Vector Drawing - Fringe Ministry of Defense

    Now I understand why you guys are so fond of vector drawings versus Photoshop, I guess that I have been doing it the hard way so long that I never chose to see the light. Here is my very first from scratch vector drawing, its far from perfect, it is just going to take some time for me learn to...
  4. cenn

    Fringe Observer Font

    I am aware of the font that a fellow member here created and posted to (Dietrich Kerner) and the font that was lifted by several from the Reward Wire PR site. What I am really after is the cleaned up version that was used on the signage and sets for the 5th season. Does anyone here...
  5. MoviePropCollector

    Win props from a current hit t.v. show

    Prop contest
  6. Chronos

    Fringe - Alternate Universe Props on Display

    Found this link whilst looking up props from Fringe. 'Fringe' Alternate Universe Props on Display - Here's a couple of pics, visit the link to see more.