friday the 13th

  1. Horrorfanatic66

    Friday the 13th (2009) costume - final battle version stage 3

    I wanted to add a new hockey mask, had enough use out of my current one, wanted to freshen up the look. Its the final battle in the 2009 movie hock the wood chipped version, managed to buy one off a very good artist for 113 dollars. Now since my last pics of my costume, the entire costume has...
  2. bradtdkrises

    Jason Voorhees costume

    I'm working on a Jason costume from FvJ for cosplay and Halloween. I just wanted to post pics and get some feed back from you guys! So far, I bought a very cheap blue tshirt, I'm using a grey sweatshirt I got for christmas (that I'll never wear), and a pair of black sweat pants. I'ts hard to...
  3. bradtdkrises

    are these Jason hockey masks good enough to sell?

    I'm not able to post these on the junk yard...but was wondering if the paint jobs were good enough to sell. let me know what ya think..good or bad... Thanks!
  4. bradtdkrises

    Jason hockey mask..Freddy vs Jason

    Just a quick question...I'm looking to make a Jason costume for cosplay and Halloween. I'm just not sure the best way of making the slashes in the hockey mask from Freddy's have an idea but I dunno if im just not looking at it right? or not outside the box enough? any ideas??
  5. M

    Jason 'New Blood - Part 7' mask/bust

    Hey, guys. Just wanted to share something I've been working on for a month or two and recently completed. Over the years, there have been many different masks and busts made around Jason Voorhees as he appeared in Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood. Each one has succeeded in varying degrees...
  6. W

    Help - 2009 Jason costume.

    I'm looking for some experienced people to help me compile a list of reference pictures and websites to put together a Jason Voorhees costume from the 2009 Friday the 13th film. The main pieces I am looking to collect first are - .Machete .Hockey Mask .Overcoat/Jacket .Pants .Boots. Smaller...
  7. melfe

    Jason voorhees costume

    Jason costume.... let me know your thoughts guys :) All handmade including gloves/hands :)
  8. B

    My Jason Voorhees Costume (Part 4 inspired)

    So, I'm pretty close to finished with my Jason Voorhees costume inspired by Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter. The pieces include: -Latex hood from Darkside Studio -Mask kit from JDF Studios, painted/weathered by me. Snapped a couple pictures in a "natural" setting this afternoon...
  9. Horrorfanatic66

    Friday the 13th (2009) costume - Jason Revealed stage 1

    I decided to add the alternative version of this costume,I did the bagmask when I first put the remake costume together back in the summer of 2011, which was a rushed job. Its my fave version of Jason, even more than the hockey Mask version. In the future when I wear the costume, I hope many...
  10. TheMadGasser

    Budget Jason Voorhees inspired mask

    Hey there everyone! I love horror movies, and slasher films remind me of staying up late or at sleep overs with a few buddies. Now I want to state that I have watched all of the Friday the 13th movies and while I enjoyed them, I really didn't watch them religiously. So I'm sure that what I'm...
  11. sweartoeric

    My smallish collection/ home office

    Hey guys, here are some pictures of my home office. I thought it would be a good idea to start cataloging my collection. I'm very much into finding cheaper items and improving on them, and much of my displayed collection falls into that category. I hope you enjoy! Spider-Man suit: "2nd Skin"...
  12. Horrorfanatic66

    Friday the 13th (2009) costume - THE Hockey mask stage 2

    How the Costume came together? It has taken me 2 years and half years too complete this Jason Voorhees costume. I went through 3 remake under masks, to get to the right under-mask that I wanted. The first attempt at this costume was a rushed job back in 2011. Back in 2010 I did a half assed job...
  13. D

    Jason Derek Mears Friday the 13th Remake Hero screnused Machete Prop

    Hi all here my latest high end prop in terms in of HORROR ...LOL !!! the original Hero screenused jason huge machete. This one was screenmatched and used in several key scenes !!! comes complete with PiH aution tags and COA of Platinum Dunes !!! Thanks to a good friend for selling it ...
  14. M

    Check out our exclusive pics from friday the 13th museum

    Hi there ! mario Kirner has granted us an interview. In the same time, he took some exclusive photographs of his museum. We wanted to share'em today, fraiday the 13th, with you :) Check out the fridaythe13th museum pics here
  15. M

    Friday the 13th Mario Kirner interview

    hi folks, We had a chance to set up an interview with Mario ** Jason from Friday the 13th ** Kirner, owner of the only european museum dedicated to Fridaythe13th. Check it out @ Interview of Mario Kirner it's full of teachings...