friday the 13th the new blood

  1. Mucu5

    Jason Voorhees, part 7 arm prosthetic casted off original Master Castings.

    Hows everyone doing! I am very excited to share this Friday The 13th part 7 related project with you guys. What are these are exactly? They are second generation castings of arm slip applications made for the Jason Voorhees make up in 1988’s Friday The 13th, The New Blood. Some time back I had...
  2. Mucu5

    Jason Voorhees New Blood movie mold exterior dentures

    Hello everyone! New on here, well first time posting. Well, I’m a huge Friday the 13th guy, all about props with lineage to originals/production molds. So I wanted to share a neat little project I picked up on. Through a buddy of mine I had access to the original Magical Media Industries mold...