friday 13th

  1. Mr Mold Maker

    Various Friday the 13th (Jason Voorhees) Projects

    Hey folks. I’ve recently been doing a ton of Jason related projects for fun and figured I’d share some of them here. I guess I’ll start with my hock project. In the past I would purchase hock blanks from JDF Studios but unfortunately he closed his doors leaving quite a vacuum in the Jason mask...
  2. B0NES

    IM Friday A.I.

    Hello team, does anyone have paper textures for Friday? I started doing this, but if someone started, I can work on it. ;)
  3. Mucu5

    Jason Voorhees, part 7 arm prosthetic casted off original Master Castings.

    Hows everyone doing! I am very excited to share this Friday The 13th part 7 related project with you guys. What are these are exactly? They are second generation castings of arm slip applications made for the Jason Voorhees make up in 1988’s Friday The 13th, The New Blood. Some time back I had...
  4. R

    Jason hood

    Hoping someone can help. I am updating together a custom Jason Voorhees-esque costume and I'm looking for a good latex hood available in the UK? Some back story to this. I am a big Oakland Raiders fan (NFL) and last year I decided that I was going to embrace the realm of a "costumed superfan"...