free 3d print files

  1. haasofprops

    3D Printed Fennec Shand Concealed Knife & Krrsantan Knuckledusters

    Hi Everyone! I made these a few weeks ago but haven't had the chance to post on here until now. I was waiting ever since the release of the series trailer, and was super excited to finally see the knife fully revealed in episode 3. Here is the link to the .stl file...
  2. haasofprops

    Hawkeye Series Themed Bow and 3D Printed Arrows Which Actually Shoots

    I recently just finished building a bow inspired by the one Hawkeye uses in his new series on Disney +. I have been wanting to make a bow for a long time without blowing the budget and this gave me the perfect excuse to actually sit down and do it. I started with a wooden grip and thought I...
  3. Domonator

    Do3d running a contest for free full suit 3d print files!!!

    Hello Everyone, The website Do3d is running a contest for people to vote on a file or suit that they have or have not made yet. They will release 1 of each file for free, one suit that they have not modeled yet, and a suit that they have already modeled. They decide which ones are the...