1. twnhstnut

    Mahoning Drive-In props

    This pat year I was introduced to the Mahoning Drive-In theater in Lehighton PA. It is the only drive in left that exclusively shows 35mm films (although they do have digital capacity for VHS and non film movies). It has the second largest drive in screen in the US. A big part of this...
  2. Ash

    Any help with a silicone mask question?

    Hey everybody! So I utilized our handy dandy search feature and didn't quite find an answer to what I was looking for. I have recently purchased Sinister Studios "Incubus Deluxe Freddy Krueger" silicone mask and glove combo and although not as accurate as some are to replicating the look of...
  3. Mr Mold Maker

    Nightmare On Elm Street Part 1 Freddy Glove

    Hey folks! Been a while since I’ve had anything to share. I had some free time, and I’ve always really wanted to make myself a Freddy Glove. I had made attempts years ago that never quite reached my standards. Happy to say that I’ve just made my first Part One Glove, and I am thrilled with the...
  4. My Freddy costume

    My Freddy costume