force fx

  1. J0ker

    Force FX ROTJ Luke Saber Pommel help

    Hello, for some reason the Unscrewable pommel on my Force Fx ROTJ Lukr saber, where the batteries and stored/accessed, has all of a sudden become stuck... I’ve tried unscrewing it and there’s more of a chance to pick up Excalibur then unscrewing the pommel... any advice of why and what to do ?
  2. Cbstudios

    Luke ROTJ thin neck build from a MR Force FX

    Hey all. So a few years back, I scored a Master Replicas Luke ROTJ Force Fx saber in a trade for some leather work. This saber had been converted to an in-hilt luxeon well before I got it, and it had seen some fair damage, I’d pulled it apart to repair some solder joints a few times, and was...