1. DarthKaal

    Buffy's Doublemeat Palace font identification

    Hi there! I love recreating logos from movies, especially of fictional brands, and having just rewatched Buffy, I've been interested in reproducing the Doublemeat Palace logo. To have the more details possible, I've made a screenshot from the 1080p version from Amazon, but unfortunately, every...
  2. A

    Thirteen Ghost Font (The Arcanum)

    Some one who had a font used in the Arcanum book from the 13 ghost movie????
  3. Galaxy

    Beretta M9A1 Slide Markings Font

    Stumbled across this forum coming from this thread and I wasn't sure on the rules of reviving old threads on this forum so that's why I opened a new one. I own a Beretta M9A1 replica without markings which I want to engrave as perfect as possible. Following this thread and having done some...
  4. Abstrakt

    Good Omens - Agnes Nutter's prophecies's font

    Hello everyone, I'm currently making both for fun and for some friends some props from the Amazon adaptation of Good Omens, and one of them is the small fragment of prophecie that Aziraphale catches from the burned book in episode 6, "the last prophecie" as he calles it; to give them away at...
  5. QuinnPrime

    Azumi’s Mug from Netflix’s Maniac

    I searched pretty extensively here, and haven’t seen any results, so thought I would ask for help. I’m trying to identify the font used on Azumi’s mug in Netflix’s Maniac, that reads, “I can read your mind and you should be ashamed of yourself”. It’s not a complicated or particularly esoteric...
  6. MarsVoyager

    Travelers font

    I created a font for the characters used in the Netflix series Travelers. I used the keyboard seen in S2:E6 as main input for the mapping to the alphabet. I assumed an English keyboard. I also used replaced characters in messages as a second input. There is unfortunately no one to one mapping...