1. nbehling

    Batman Predator mashup (first Predator build)

    Hello everybody, It has been a while since I was on here last. I originally had a concept of a "mastadon prehistoric predator" but ultimately decided to make a Batman Predator. I have a bunch of old Dark Knight costume pieces that ended up with imperfections from the casting process. I intend...
  2. rvb18

    METROID PRIME: Phazon Suit (UPDATED 2018)

    hey all. started working on this recently and should have it all done by august. here are some WIP photos. oh and the arm cannon will open and close
  3. Dax79 - RoboCop 1987

    Dax79 - RoboCop 1987

  4. Bradester's Mark IV Foam Iron Man

    Bradester's Mark IV Foam Iron Man

    My first attempt at a foam costume! Constructed in my kitchen over 3.75 months, made of EVA foam and hot glue. The right wrist makes the blaster noise when it's bent backwards, and the suit makes random gear and Jarvis sounds thanks to my IPhone that senses movement and a USB speaker in the...
  5. my first foam build, Dark knight costume

    my first foam build, Dark knight costume

    At my college every year for halloween we do a photo shoot so my picture came out great. hope you like the foam build of my Dark knight costume. thank you everyone for looking.
  6. My 10yr old daughter's 2012 Halloween Predator Costume

    My 10yr old daughter's 2012 Halloween Predator Costume

    This was a really fun build! It took less than four weeks to complete and just a bit less than $200. You can check out my build thread here:
  7. Judge Dredd 2012

    Judge Dredd 2012

    This is the first costume I've ever made, after watching the film in august I decided there and then thats what I wanted to be this halloween, so I got to work watching youtube videos on how to make helmets/masks/armour, how to use silicone/resin/filler, from start to finish it was a challenge...
  8. Foam Dark Knight

    Foam Dark Knight

    Please forgive the lousy photoshop work on the background.
  9. Robocop


    Foam Robocop