foam pepakura

  1. Canal Tio Stark

    How to make a DIY Iron Man Helmet

    Speak Gallery!!!! In the 4th video, we will learn to assemble the project (Helmet Iron man) using the pepakura program. Video got longer but tried to make it more explanatory. Iron Man Helmet Mount in EVA!!! cosplay PDF Link: Capacete Iron man.pdf Link : Capacete Iron man.pdo
  2. ScorpionTR

    My Wargreymon(From the Digimon Adventures Anime) EVA Foam build.

    Bought the undersuit from Zentaizone, the foam building process took nearly a year all up. There's still some improvements I like to do with it before I consider it Con ready. Any questions? Ask away!

    Red Hood: Rebirth Cosplay Foam Helmet Tutorial

    Hey everyone, I put together this Red Hood Cosplay Foam Helmet Tutorial using Pepakura file templates and EVA Foam. I also have a Generic Chest Foam Armor Tutorial coming soon to go with this helmet. Check out the video if you'd like to make your own Red Hood Helmet