flight suit

  1. JonnyT

    Top Gun: Maverick - Standard Flight Suit?

    Can anyone tell me what to search for when looking for the flight suits worn in the new Top Gun: Maverick movie? I’d like to do a faithful costume (rather than just getting green overalls and a patch kit). But I don’t know what the type of flight suit in the movie is called. (Just the standard...
  2. iamshazam

    Captain Marvel Starforce Screen Worn Costume Pics (Vers, Yon-Rogg, Korath)

    PIC HEAVY After the premier last night my buddy wanted to stop at the Disney store and we are glad we did, they had 3 screen worn costumes from the movie on display. So I figured I would take some shots for any that are considering building any of these suits, enjoy... If you do decide to...