1. Elfenstahl

    Star Wars DL-44 Blaster Kits, Greedo Killer, ESB Luke, ROTJ, Muppet Blaster *NEW PRICES*

    I am giving up my blaster projects. There are serveral blaster kits up for sale. All prices shipping excluded. Please ask for shipping costs to your country. Trackingnumber will be provided. 1. Solo's Hold - Greedo Killer Kit, vintage Scope Rings included - Compac Scope replica - Grill -...
  2. mugatu

    Star Wars FS: 1 Boba Debt and 1 Anakin Starkiller ESB FLASHHIDERS

    Hello. Thanks for viewing this! I have for sale TWO (2) ESB FLASHHIDERS, one from a run by Boba Debt and one from Anakin Starkiller, a few years ago. I don’t remember whose blaster each one goes to. I am selling both in this listing, but as two units so if you purchase this, please...