1. C

    Parks MPP flash (tube only)

    Happy Friday. For your consideration is a Parks MPP replica flash tube. The sale does not include any shroud, bulb socket, clamp, or end cap. Two scratches are present, one on each side of the “S”. Please see the photos. Otherwise the flash handle is truly in excellent condition. I confirmed the...
  2. JKRIB

    CW Flash CCPD Badge DC Collect

    $70 + shipping, based on your location CCPD badge, as seen in The Flash TV show on The CW. Officially licensed and made by DC Collectibles. This chrome-plated metal badge is molded from the actual show prop! Currently SOLD OUT everywhere, making it a RARE item. Includes a leather mount and 28...
  3. JKRIB

    CW Flash - Jay Garrick Belt Buckle + Pouches

    $55 + shipping (Based on your location) Earth 2 Jay Garrick / Zoom Belt Buckle + Pouches! Inspired by the Flash TV show Belt buckle was 3D printed, sanded, and painted. There are 2 magnets on the back. Buckle is about 2 inches tall and 4 inches wide. Pouches are made from real, brown leather...
  4. JKRIB

    CW Flash - Foam Lightning Bolts

    Only $3 each + shipping Limited stock, then no more. These lightning bolts are based on the props seen in The Flash TV Show. The bolts are seen during the FLASH DAY celebration in the Season 2 premiere titled, "The Man Who Saved Central City" Color: Yellow Material: Foam Size: 24 inches long...
  5. JKRIB

    CW Flash - Captain Cold Goggles

    $11 + shipping (based on your location) (1) pair of goggles, with clear lenses Includes microfiber protective, carrying bag! Features: -100% UV Protection -Impact, Shatter-resistant, Poly-Carbonate lenses -Frame Ventilation that prevents fogging -Interior, open cell foam cushion -Adjustable...
  6. JKRIB

    CW Reverse Flash Chest Piece + Belt Bolts

    $30 + shipping (Based on your location / postal code) Reverse Flash chest emblem + belt/ear bolt kit. Inspired by The Flash TV show on The CW. Ready to ship ASAP! Kit is ready to assemble out of box. You will get the following: 1 Chest bolt + outer ring piece 1 piece of black felt fabric 1...
  7. JKRIB

    CW The Flash - Speed Force Jacket

    $45 + shipping (Based on your location/ postal code) Replica of the suit Barry Allen leaves behind, when entering the Speed Force! Seen in season 2 of The Flash TV Show. Features a 3D printed chest piece that was finished by myself. Chest piece is held by strong magnets but can be taken...
  8. JKRIB

    CW The Flash - Harrison Wells Glasses (Spectaculars Genuine)

    $210 + shipping (based on your location/ postal code) These are the same glasses Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) wears in The Flash TV show. The brown color is worn mainly by Harry Wells from Earth 2. These glasses are hard to get, as they are not sold online anymore. Included with purchase: -1...
  9. IronDestinyProps

    Done FOUND: Vintage Heiland Multi-Socket Flash Extension

    Do any of you fine folks have one of these for sale? Many thanks! (Image credit unknown):
  10. Indy Magnoli

    MasterChef: Superhero Cook-Off (our latest fan film parody)

    We've been working on this a while... hope you guys get a kick out of it: Part I: Part II: Bloopers: Let us know what you think... and please share it around! Kind regards, Indy Magnoli
  11. The Flash (2014-?)

    The Flash (2014-?)

  12. The Flash (2014-?)

    The Flash (2014-?)

  13. The Flash (2014-?)

    The Flash (2014-?)