flash hider

  1. m4vrick

    SOLD: Han Solo REAL MG 81 / DL 44 Flash Hider!

    Here's another chance at another REAL MG-81 a.k.a DL44 flash hider. This will be a 5 days auction. This is a 70+ yr old relic. What makes this rare is not all MG81s or the MG81Zs had flash hiders. A grail item, for some, this will be the last jigsaw puzzle for DL44 enthusiasts. Once this is...
  2. mgoob

    Star Wars ROTJ Solo DL-44 Blaster Flash Hider

    Delrin flash hider, the same material used on the props. recessed set screw as well as the one shown painted w/ Tamiya silver, easily removed w/ either thinner or acetone ships from USA zip code 14620 buyer pays P&P