first build

  1. Galifreyscall

    My 3D printed Proton Pack build

    Evening everyone! This is my first proper build thread here, so I'll try to do my best. Ever since I first got into the franchise, I've wanted a full ghostbusting uniform; with a Proton pack at the top of the list. Now I dont have the $500 give or take to shell out to buy one; but what I do...
  2. richieD2

    Batteries not included

    Hello I am looking to make my wife a batteries not included wheems model and have no clue where to stare and how to do this I would appreciate any help you guy can give me. Thank you all
  3. OldBenKNBI

    Ahsoka's "Fulcrum" Blades build

    Hey everyone This is my very first post so please be nice haha. I have been asked by a friend to make the Ahsoka Fulcrum (Rebels/Mandalorian) Blades so wanted to share the process and my ideas so far with you. Hope you like Designs were made on fusion 360, based on references from the...
  4. jorgos

    First time painting fix tips (Enforcer PKD/KMS recreation)

    I'm very new to this - so I wasn't sure to post - but I think I could use some help and might as well show the whole thing in that case. Like everyone I recently fell in love with the Enforcer KMS design, and since it's not really available and I wanted to model something myself, I foolishly...
  5. mediocre maker

    First Blaster Concept

    Hey All, used some of this covid time time knock out another "some-day" project. What I used: A Nerf blaster as my base and built on to it from there. A repurposed water supply line. Medical tape. Wooden dowel. Spray and acrylic paint. The story behind the design: A marauder type blaster with...
  6. T

    Evil dead 2 necronomicon

    The evil dead series has been one of my top favorite series for quite some time. I’ve always wanted to make the Necronomicon so, since I had a bit of free time, I decided to give it a try. I took an old book I had and covered it in craft foam, Then, after I drew on the face, I built it up...
  7. Mille2ej

    My First Predator Build, EVA foam WIP (Pic Heavy)

    Hi all! I've been doing a lot of research on Predatorium among other online resources and have finally decided to make a predator suit! I've been working on it on and off for the past year but recently have been putting a lot more time into it. Below are some pictures of what I've made so far...
  8. Exodiac

    Bio Mask WiP

    Have the Pepakura cardboard done, fiberglass will go on next to make it strong. Will be a challenging process, will also take a Dremel and grind out area to make it look battle worn.
  9. Omegalite

    My First Build!

    So a while back (like end of aug 2015) I began building my first predator costume from EVA foam using an AVP pepakura file I found on the RPF. ( Working the morning before work and all day on weekends I was able to build...