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  1. Timbog1

    Mal Renoylds Cardboard Pistol

    Here are some images of a Mal Renoylds Pistol I made a few years ago. I'd say about 80% of it is made out of cardboard. The barrel is a piece of PVC tubing, and the finger guard is a electric tube wall clamp-melter and cut to fit the way I wanted it. I drew the shape from images of the web...
  2. Bronson BB

    Firefly - Jayne Cobb's pistol 'Boo'

    One of my latest acquisitions. Jayne's pistol from the Firefly TV series.
  3. interstait

    Firefly Lamp from Serenity

    Hi Everyone. I'm new here, but I'd like to get some feedback on a lamp I made. It's the lamp on the dining table in Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity.
  4. D

    Custom Serenity/Firefly Shuttle

    I had made this 3D model a while back and it looks like it will be feasible to get a 3D print made so that I can have a replica of it so I've started working on engineering the pieces. I have the Serenity model as well that I'd like to do in the future, but that will take a lot of time and money...
  5. loly2kn2

    Malcolm Reynolds Costume

    I was at a Sci-Fi event the other day so I decided to finish of my Mal costume for it. It's pretty gorram accurate apart from the coat not being deerskin. Lawrence
  6. T

    Jayne Cobb hat

    OK, I'm making a Jayne hat from a pattern I found online and I'm not very good at knitting. I'm doing it with circular needles and they keep binding up. Is there a way to knit it was a flat piece and then stitch it together at the end without it looking to horrible?
  7. EyesofTeal

    Firefly: Ariel Coins/Gambling Tokens

    I'm pretty new to the prop world here and I just invested in my first screen-used props! :) These were used near the begining of the episode "Ariel" by Kaylee and Inara as they play cards. Any ideas on how to protect and/or display them would be very much appreciated!
  8. Yellowjacket

    Screen Used and discarded.

    I know that it happens, and too often for most of us, but this is a sucker-punch of the first order. FIREFLYFANS.NET
  9. moffeaton

    Win Wash's T-Rex from the Firefly series
  10. Noeland

    Who took home Vera?

    I have to know, did one of our esteemed members win this? ebay# 230396915148 (the auction ended days ago) I was snipered out of this auction by $5 :cry Thems the breaks. STILL, I would love to hear about the casting, see better pictures, etc. and I do hope someone from the RPF won it and will...
  11. pennausamike

    Where are The Rest of the Firefly Props?

    Thanks to robstyle, we know about Karl's amazing collection at, but what happened to a whole bunch of un-found Firefly props and costumes? I'm thinking especially of things like the Alliance pins and patches, all the Independents' uniforms and gear, the Niska suits that had...
  12. Sidewinder

    Firefly Jayne's Revolver

    Half an hour with a hacksaw and the crappest bench grinder known to man: [attachmentid=7074] SAS
  13. dr_slurpee

    Jayne's Gloves from Firefly

    Has anyone found a source for the right colour work gloves for to make some of Jayne's gloves from Firefly? I will have to find a pic to post, or if someone else has a pic handy feel free to post it.

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