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  1. Patattack

    Firefly/Serenity Mal Reynolds trouser ribbon

    Cleaning out the ol' closet and I thought I'd try finding a good home for some underappreciated items from my deep prop storage! What we have here is a roll of grosgrain ribbon that--I think--is the same type used to put the stripe on the side of Mal Reynolds' tight pants in the original...
  2. Patattack

    Firefly/Serenity miscellaneous embroidered patches [SOLD]

    Cleaning out the ol' closet and I thought I'd try finding a good home for some underappreciated items from my deep prop storage! I found a handful of embroidered patches from the relatively early days of the online Firefly fandom. Two Browncoat patches, one Serenity patch, one Alliance security...
  3. Patattack

    Firefly/Serenity Jayne's Maidenhead outfit (shirt, patches, pins, epaulet)

    Cleaning out the ol' closet and I thought I'd try finding a good home for some underappreciated items from my deep prop storage! This is a replica of Jayne's shirt-jacket-thing from the scenes at the Maidenhead bar in Serenity. It ain't perfect, but I'd say it's 80% there, and/or a great...
  4. anotherfab

    Fierfly Serenity Mals gun paint?

    Hey all! So i got these metal Replicas but the finish is terrible and just dark... any tips or the right color or some good paint tips to get them to the right look? thanks!!
  5. chrissaad

    QMX Enterprise Refit or Serenity

    Hi all. I am new to the forum. I was told this might be the place to go to find either the large, premium, limited addition QMX Enterprise *Refit* or the “Big Damn Replica” Serenity Been looking for one if either but can’t find them! I understand they’re rare. I’d love any help you can offer!
  6. propmaster2000

    Alliance Pistol from Serenity - A challenge to Model and 3D print

    I was wondering if this Alliance Prop weapon could be modeled and 3D printed? Since the Psycho Ballistics Silver Bullet LCD Paintball Gun with the rubber grips that it was created from is no longer available and getting harder to find, it occurred to me that maybe it could be printed already...
  7. Torolf

    My growing prop collection

    I've been working on my collection for a few years now and I'm always adding new items. Most of what's in my collection is scratch built. Full size 3D printed baby Groot I finished. Mal's gun from Firefly - 3D print. SE-14R blaster - scratch build with a couple 3D printed parts. E-11B...
  8. samura indy

    Want to Buy Qmx Malcolm Reynolds Metal Plated Pistol (Australia)

    As the title says I'm after one of these but has to be within Australia as it is unlikely to make it through customs here. Shoot me a PM if you've got one you're willing to part with!
  9. Laubi

    Firefly / Serenity - Miranda Message Device (Origin of the Reavers)

    Finally had the time to finish this one. The first time I had the idea about doing this replica was back in 2010, but it didn't get any further than the drawings. No it felt like the right time to finally get it done ^^ In the end and holding it in my hands I think it's a bit to large, but...
  10. tmax

    Firefly "Vera" Build - New Pics!

    Hey guys. So I'm a big fan of Firefly, Serenity and the guns they wield, especially Jayne's guns. Already made myself a Boo... But the real beauty is of course Vera! "This is my most favourite gun..." Looked at a few options over the past few years, but nothing came together. That was...
  11. Ash

    Want to Buy Firefly/Serenity Malcolm Reynolds Pistol

    LITERALLY just missed out on a QMX one in the junkyard for 80 bucks. Anyone else looking to get rid of their Malcolm Reynolds side arm? -Ash
  12. C

    Firefly- Mal's Gun

    I'm working on Malcolm's gun from Firefly made of EVA foam. I'm planning on coating it in plastidip when I'm done. I'm using blueprints from Punished Props.
  13. aeryn

    Firefly: The Game - Prop Box

    Update 8/21 - Ship tray start! And inquiry.... My hubby and I are making a kick-arse box for our Firefly game that HAPPENS to be filled with all sorts of goodies and props as the components holders. First up? Card deck holders. These are the furthest along, so I figure I'd show them off...
  14. K

    Contemporary Browncoat - Waterproofing

    Howdo, Long time fan of the site, first time posting! So the story goes that my Mother has offered to make me a coat as she's taken to sewing in quite a big way. She has asked if there is any style I'd like and a Browncoat, a la Firefly, immediately sprung to mind along with Doc Brown's...
  15. SargeB96

    Plastic Casing for Airsoft

    Hi, everyone I'm wondering if anyone one might have a tutorial or the like for what materials and/or steps it would take to modify or add to the casing of an airsoft gun. I'm wanting to build sci-fi guns with working parts, but I don't have access to real fire arms and airsoft is the next bast...
  16. D

    Want to Buy WTB: Build up/paint of Jayne's Boo Revolver from my resin kit

    Hi! I have a resin kit of Jayne's Boo revolver from Firefly. I haven't had the time and don't have the experience to build it. Looking to commission someone to build/paint for me. Although it is a multi-piece kit, I'm looking for someone to do a STURDY build-up so I can carry it in a...
  17. D

    Want to Buy WTB: Jayne Bowie Knife -- Resin or Rubber for Cons

    Hi There! I'm about a decade behind on this request, but I am looking for a resin or rubber Jayne knife/hilt to put in my leather sheath at cons. If anyone can help, please let me know. Thanks, Matt DarkerStranger
  18. S

    Scratch built firefly Mals pistol????

    Okay, so I'm a massive fan of the firefly series and serenity film, I'm also fairly good with my hands especially working with reference and some sort of base (so I'm thinking revolver or pistol that suits the shape of Mals pistol). My question is, has anyone ever tried to build the pistol from...
  19. Z

    Want to Buy Firefly/warehouse 13 props

    I'm looking for anything Firefly or Warehouse 13. Thanks!
  20. DrewSmith007

    Interest Firefly Mal Pistol Kit - Detail Parts

    Hey everyone, These models are the result of my long running quest to make a metal Mal pistol. I'm still plugging along with that project, but I thought some here may be interested in a resin parts kit. Here's a shot of all the components: And here's a shot with the parts roughly assembled...
  21. T

    Firefly Kaylee Frye costume

    My daughter wanted me to help her make a Kaylee Frye costume. So far we bought the coveralls, removed the sleeves, and one pocket. We then bleached the coveralls to make them look old, worn and faded. Sewed the seams on the arm holes, added the patches, asian script, and a trace blood stain...
  22. Z

    Firefly/serenity coat

    I picked this coat up on ebay about a year ago. I can't find the original price of the coat. I don't know how accurate it is. I have searched and searched and still, I can't find anything. Thanks! -Zach
  23. Z

    Want to Buy Model 47 or the 47A

    HI I'm looking to purchase the model 47 or the 47A that Badger made. Thanks! ~ Zach
  24. Z

    Want to Buy Firefly screen accurate Dinosaur's

    HI, I'm lookin for unpainted dinosaur's from Firefly.
  25. BrotherWilliam

    Want to Buy Symnova Personal Organiser

    15 years ago personal organisers were everywhere. Maybe you had one. Maybe you bought one hoping to make your own Firefly Universal Encyclopedia but never got around to it. If you have a spare, or one you no longer want, get in contact. Someone has to have one!

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