1. blickfangQ2

    blickfangQ2 - Iron Man MK46 XLVI - lifesize NECA statue refinish

    Hi everybody, every once in a while I take opportunities that present themselves. I was able to get my hands on one of the last NECA 1:1 IronMan 46 statues in Germany. Since the finish is questionable to say the least, I knew I had to overhaul the whole statue and finish it closer to my...
  2. ob1korobi

    Now another Mando Build Thread

    Because I am doing a whole Mando Build I figured I would just use this thread. Here we go. Blaster is done and I've Finished most of the armor. I've purchased a few pre printed pieces that I can't fit on my build area. For now it's just been sanding and filling. I'll update as I go. Thought I...